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#6Things: AI, 84 Lumber and My Name is Mohamed

Well, you’re probably waiting for me to come up with a clever headline that combines my new found love for politics with marketing like “#Resist Bad Marketing” but I won’t do that…yet. Back in action with a solid #6Things this week, here we go!

One is the Loneliest Number…

So Robin Schooling (@RobinSchooling) reached out to a bunch of us, myself included, to find out what the skinny was on the OG HR blog squad. We all weighed in on a very long string which showcased who started that thing we know as recruitment blogging or HR blogs, or whatever. Guess who got left out? THAT’S RIGHT, Moi. If I didn’t love Robin so much I might blow a gasket. As it is, I will settle for one of those weird Louisiana cakes. (RobinSchooling.com)

Ready for a Little Competition?

Do you want to know the current landscape of talent management and what your competition is focusing on? If you have full or partial responsibility for your organization’s employer brand, complete this survey to compare your activities against what your peers are doing.

We’ve got a few surveys that are around for HR pros to gauge their candidate experience and employer brand but here’s a new take. Check out this survey by Universum and DHI to learn how you compare to other companies around you. (Universum)

NOT Political, JUST Information

Maybe you’ve been to a march or protest recently, maybe you’re thrilled with the new direction of the country. Either way, if you’re in HR, you should definitely know what it means for your workers, especially if you do anything with H1-B visas or immigrant workers. JMM (@jmillermerrell) knew you’d need this info, so she’s put together a webinar to help you make sense of it all. Register for this Workology webinar with Jessica Miller-Merrell to get real information that will help you make sense of the changes. (Workology)

A Mohamed by Any Other Name…

This BBC article asks “Is it easier to get a job if you’re Adam or Mohamed?” I think we all know the answer based on surveys done in America like this. Still, here’s a new discrimination to worry about. YAY! (BBC)

84 Lumber: Friend or Foe…Does ANYONE Know?

You guys, there are so many ways to go with this commercial. The conservative base says it’s a bleeding heart commercial and is up in arms. Immigration rights activists, initially positive are just now realizing it’s not actually what they thought it was about (yours truly included, also that Tomi gal). This AdWeek article breaks it down pretty well. Why anyone’s confused is kinda dumb because:

In the run-up to the Super Bowl, Magerko said the ad shouldn’t be considered provocative at all. In fact, she says she voted for Donald Trump in the election, and the image of the door in the wall comes directly from Trump himself, who said he wanted a “big beautiful door” in his wall, for legal immigration.

Susan Lamotte wrote about how this changes the game for employer brand specifically and the article is really good. Read it. Then decide what YOU think the commercial is trying to say. (Exaqueo)

China’s Take on AI

Talent Tech Lab is a client who is focusing on AI in their latest Trends Report. We were front and center in helping to create this report which interviews tech leaders from Intuit to HiringSolved and includes a handy chart to help everyone understand what the heck they are talking about. If you still think automation and AI are the same or feel that machine learning should be a precursor to, rather than a category within AI, you need to grab your free download. China Gorman (@ChinaGorman) did and she used it in her Data Point Tuesday. You think you’re smarter than CHINA GORMAN? (TTL)