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#6Things: Baller Interns, Journalistic Integrity and Curious George

The Hunters Gather Email Extensions

Jessica Miller Merrell (@jmillermerrell‏) asked the SourceCon community what their favorite Chrome Extension for hunting emails was and BOY, did they deliver. From LeadIQ, Hiretual and Egrabber, the community delivered to the tune of individual solutions to constantly updated docs from the community like RecruiterHunt (Carmen Hudson, @peopleshark) and TheSearchAuthority (Dean Da Costa, @Deandacosta), and of course Ryan Leary’s (@ryanleary) RecruitingTools.com. In the end, most came away with a great list of people willing to help and quite a few places to go to evaluate tools! A win-win! Since most people on the thread wanted a solution that ranked tools, RecruiterHunt seems like the best choice! (RecruiterHunt)

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What is the right time to reject someone?

Carrie Corbin (@TheCarrieCorbin‏) is famous for asking questions that take a little digging to get to the bottom of. This week, she wondered if companies were notifying the referrer when and if their referral was rejected or knocked out of the program. The issue being in large, international companies, it could be difficult to work this sort of notification around privacy laws, which are especially stringent in say…Europe. While many answers were kicked around, ultimately, Susan Lamotte (@SusanLaMotte) came up with the most sensible solution:

To address legal concerns and still communicate, I often recommend to large companies to share that there has been a change in status and the referrer should connect with the applicant to learn more. “Thank you for referring [name] to [position]. We wouldn’t be successful without you support in growing our team and we appreciate the energy and effort you put in to referring qualified candidates. There’s been a change in the status of [NAME’S] application. For privacy reasons, we can’t share the details of the change, but encourage you to connect with [NAME] to learn more…”

While some smaller organizations made an effort to call every referrer and rejected candidate, this didn’t make sense for large oranizations trying to manage an ERP over multiple countries and struggling under the weight of 10000 applications on a regular basis. (The Employment Branding Forum)

Politco is Nonpartisan…REALLY?

“In a social-media workshop with staff members on Friday, Sudeep Reddy, a managing editor at Politico, said that the organization discards “dozens” of job applications and referrals over inappropriate, partisan or puerile tweets. “We are deliberately nonpartisan in the kind of journalism that we pursue,” Reddy told the Erik Wemple Blog after the meeting. Politico vets “hundreds” of possible hires per week, said Reddy. “We have found on Twitter feeds revealing insight into how people write.”

Why do they actively avoid applicants who discuss politics or an agenda online? To keep their journalistic integrity and trustworthiness intact. Interesting take. Where once Twitter was seen as a distribution channel for journalism and a great place for jobseekers to show off their professional knowledge base, Twitter, for Politico at least, is useful for neither today. (WaPo)

Interns Can be Ballers too

Audra Knight (@media2knight)recently shared an internship video her…intern put together! It’s pretty rad and now I’m going to expect a LOT more from my interns. Just kidding, they’re awsome. But, so is this video! (Tenable)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gOL7paUgro]

Do you HATE something about something?

I mean, I do. One thing we ALLLLLL hate is stock photography. My reasons are different than the reasons of three young women who decided if they couldn’t see themselves in stock photography, neither would anyone else, so they created their own. Don’t like something? CHANGE IT. These pics are amazing AND it’s an alternative to crayons spelling out “diversity” :/

Stock Images with People of Color

These black women didn't see themselves in stock images. So they used it as an opportunity.

Posted by AJ+ on Saturday, July 1, 2017

Usually, I just steal from him

But I figured it makes more sense to simply point to the page you ought to follow if you want updates on who is getting what money from who and for what, with the occasional snarky call out of BS like “a crowdsourced job board…whatever that is…” to give it a little spice. My smart friend George (@glarocque) everyone! (follow the FB page to get them faster!) (LarocqueInc)