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#6things: Biases, Company CRUSH and Did you hear?

Bias, Bias Everywhere and not a Drop to Drink

Okay, it hasn’t gone live yet but I was recently helping our new writer Stevie edit one of her articles on bias, and before you know it, I get this gem in my inbox. SAP Is Building Bias Filters Into Its HR Software via @greentechlady. Their goal is to eliminate bias because people cannot be trusted to do it themselves. Also??? Stuff like this continues to backfire. See my most recent demo with FAMA and also #BantheBox. (Fortune)

Well, DO we ask for it, or NAH?

According to a piece in INC by @entrylevelrebel, women totally ask for raises all the time, but in news that surprises zero women, they are denied them more. Yippy skippy. I should mention though, that this study was done in Australia, no word on a similar American study.  Also I didn’t check. (Inc)

Ban the Box + Second Chances = I am Confused

Ban the Box isn’t working to eliminate bias because people just guess if POC’s were recently in prison (depressing, I know) but there are smart CEOs and HR pros moving in a different direction. Who is more loyal than someone who rebuilt their life with the help of your company? Check out this enlightening and awesome story that is both solving the bias issue (by plowing straight into it in a sense) and also punching real holes in the manufacturing and industrial workplaces (who have suffered skill shortages). (Medium)

RecruitingSocial is my one and only COMPANY Crush

Every single person in this company is ridiculously, drop-dead, SMART. Haha. You thought I was going to say smokin’! Well, not only did RecruitingSocial just make Angela Bortulussi and Danielle Marchant partners in the firm, smart move! They’ve also released 11 email hiring templates that I straight up downloaded the second I saw them. (RecruitingSocial)

Ecosystemed OUT

So you might know that we work with Talent Tech Labs and it’s no small job. These people are into everything Talent Acquisition and it’s straight HARD to keep up. But we’re pretty happy with the way the latest Ecosystem (v5 y’all!) turned out as well as the Evolution of the Ecosystem document that accompanied it. Check it out!

Can We Discuss?

As mentioned, like one or two or a thousand times, I am hosting LinkedIn Talent Connect Livestream. This means I am actively practicing “small talk” at the moment. I was told to put out a call for those there to be in the audience so I can chat at them. Gonna be there? Send me an email! Maren@redbranchmedia.com