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#6Things: Boolean, Compliance and Job Interview with Cussing

Heyoooo! It’s #EmployeeAppreciationDay which means #6things will not be getting its due, due to me preferring partying with my Branchers. That said, I gotta lotta links for you.

Check those resumes…especially if you’re a constituent!

This guy makes laws…based on all he learned whilst earning a certificate at Sizzler’s…which he SAID was a business degree. No disrespect to Sizzler’s or those who do not pursue higher education but please do not lie about it. (WaPo)

Why do I have no internets?

Because, this human. As Olivier Blanchard said, “this is why robots will take our jobs”. (recode)

Are you a startup? Do you need employees?

Read this. It’s a solid look inside what NOT to do when hiring for your startup. Get it together people, this is why we cannot have nice things. (VB)

NSFW but also really hilarious

Can we be real and just say that looking for a job is tough? But it can also be hilarious. Not sure if any of these folks ended up not getting hired due to their social media hilarity, but we’d give them a chance here at the Branch. A sample:


Do you even Boolean, BRUH?

I don’t know if I am using that right. I am old. But Irina just posted this new hack on using search operators on LinkedIn and it is fire. (Did I do that one right??) (BooleanStrings)

Compliance Need to Be like INTRINSIC MAN

From a FastCompany story about the Uber/Fowler saga:

The Uber story provides a window into how companies have developed HR infrastructure to address anti-discrimination laws. These structures occupy a marginalized status within organizations.

As I learned while working as an employment lawyer at a large law firm, legal mandates rarely disrupt business objectives. Instead, they are largely viewed as an inconvenience delegated to HR. That explains, for example, why the CEO learned about Fowler’s allegations only after they went viral.

Read it. Learn it. Live it. (FastCompany)



Yo Hablo Espanol?

When Jeremy and I were first married, I would apply to jobs for him. Since he majored in German and minored in French, I would say he was fluent in three languages. He was not. He frequently got very mad at me. This video reminds me of those devil-may-care days!


Planning a Design Sprint

Don’t Forget Employee Appreciation Day!

Robin Kills Sacred Cow