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#6Things: Career Pages, Funding GALORE, Textio News (Dec. 14)

Hey there, 2015 is actually racing toward the finish line and it’s insane to me. I think I might have got it wrong. In December, I created roughly 427 proposals (with the help of Marissa Litty, of course) and no one…NO ONE….signs. Then in January, everyone signs, after giving me a heart attack and scary dreams of not being able to get my kids anything for Christmas. But you know who DOES start throwing money into the air in December like a dude from Minnesota who decides Vegas is a great plan for his bachelor party? VCs and companies. People be buying software like it’s a doorbuster at the Younkers.


If you want to know these things as soon as I do, follow George Laroqcue because that’s where I always hear about these things. Anywhooty, CultureIQ (sent ’em a proposal) raised $3 million in a seed round, Paycor bought Newton, and TinyPulse also nabbed a cool $6 million, which is pretty great for a tool that tells you your employees really hate the ping pong table and wish you’d just give them the damn day off instead. (But really my employees DO hate the ping-pong table…as we speak it has a thin layer of dust on it). (Basically, George Larocque’s Facebook)


I don’t know how you work best, but I like to copy stuff. Recently, Stacy Zapar (because who has time to write Donovan all the time when the woman is constantly in the middle of the next big story??) asked who has the best career pages and got a laundry list of career site inspo: Marriot, Amtrak, Deloitte Netherlands, Amazon Jobs, T-Mobile.jobs, ATT, Salesforce, Barclays, Opower.


I love me some Uber as much as the next Cabernet swilling exec, but the so-called “gig” economy can blow for the people in it. They don’t get benefits, they have very little security, as many are 1099 workers. This lowers up-front costs for companies, but early workers don’t quite get the same benefits as employees and are starting to wonder if they ever will. This is a great article on the pros and cons of creating a third class of worker. This quote scurs me: (NY Times)
“We could do something that is unduly hasty and ends up doing more harm than good,” said Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez, whose department is actively exploring the implications of the gig economy for the laws it enforces, but who declined to comment on the Krueger-Harris paper specifically. “I am undeniably fearful that the on-demand conversation is used as an excuse to further roll back the safety net.”


There’s a whole article on this, but the gist of it is this. This guy called a journalist a slut on Facebook, she then publicly wondered if his employer knew their employee (who identified as such on his own profile) called people derogatory and sexually suggestive names in a public forum. They fired him. Cue injustice mongers. There was a lively conversation around this and other people (generally men) who have been fired (and in some cases later, more quietly reinstated) for publicly calling women names within a professional context. What always really gets my knickers in a twist, is the victim blaming that happens. So I will just say it. If you are stupid enough to call people derogatory terms, based on their race, their sexuality, their gender, their religious preferences or any other dumbass thing, I will fire you, not just because you are a bigot, but because you are stupid. So now that we all know what the rules are, let’s stop with the name calling like your momma should have told you before preschool. (The Daily Beast) <— more to come on this topic someday because I am real mad. (Facebook)


No one wants to be a biased jerk but half the issue with bias is often it can be really subtle, and those of us who grew up with privilege of any sort can be guilty of it! Textio has been bumping around the recruiting world for awhile and it blows me away that it STILL isn’t a thing that people use on the regular! Use it, not just for job ads, but what about performance reviews? Articles? A letter you should def not be sending to your ex? (FastCompany)


Your job policies. Seriously, if you are a small company and you have the power to change your policies (which your HR admin may well have copied from someone else’s anyway) then change them. This guy is homeless and continues to get 100k job offers. He can’t take them though because he was WRONGFULLY CONVICTED and then EXONERATED and no one will hire them. He’s poor, homeless with a skill that people will pay six figures. Figures. Hey Recruiter Friend, get him a damn job! (Seattle Times)
Also, I got to talk to Matt Charney a little about Cuba (it was awesome) and Will Staney a little about the future (it’ll be awesome) and Kyle Lagunas a little about his website (which is definitely awesome!)