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#6things: Cuba, Product Vision and the Newest Speaking Sensation

We’ve got all the news you’ve been dying to know! Here all the things that happened last week and you should definitely know about them to get your workweek started!

Everyone is going to Cuba but me

And I’m not jealous at all. I swear. But seriously, pals like Dave Mendoza, Laurie Ruettimann, China Gorman, Gerry Crispin and Matt Charney are all headed to Castro’s playhouse to learn…about HR over there. Honestly, I can’t wait to hear their observations, I can’t imagine that it’s remotely like what we experience here. (ChinaGorman)


I worked with a product manager named Janna Bastow at a company called BraveNewTalent and she was smart as a whip. This past week I was looking for a great product template to try to convey an idea I had to a software development firm. And lo and behold, Janna has created, and I quote “The only product vision template you’ll ever need”. You can download it here. (ProdPad)


This guy is the speaker to book. Not today, not tomorrow, but now. Elaine Orler booked him to speak at the CandEs and apparently compared him to Jerry McGuire, a character who he was completely unfamiliar with due to his age. He’s 23. Read all about him here and then book him! (Dropbox Video)


Jennifer Payne asked a question and Jessica Lee had answers. Facebook is becoming the hub for more resource sharing, professional assistance, template trading than I ever thought possible. So why not share? Want to learn more about service, leadership and how to instill these values into your employees? Try this resource, which I never heard of ’til now. (Ritz Carlton Leadership Center)

So we don’t have to fight tooth and nail to advance one tiny corner of our profession?

Nope, at least that’s the way Lars describes it. Inspired by the Open Source mindset common among software developers, has taken those precepts and applied them to HR, working to create an exhaustive set a resources (ever growing) and case studies so we can all learn from EACH OTHER, instead of from a group of the same ten people. There’s room to be competitive and still collaborate for the greater good of our field. (RecruitingSocial)


There have been a lot of queries on my professional user groups (is that what we call them when they are spread across Facebook, LinkedIn, and email chains?) about ATS selection lately (which hello, clients, this means people are buying!!!!) Anyway, Bill Boorman mentioned a tool that is amazerblades and I can’t believe I never used before. It’s called Datanyze and it shows you what tech people are using and linking to!! WUT?? (Datanyze)
BONUS: Will Staney, who’s been on proud papa duty for a couple of months, is coming back. But in which capacity? This may give us some hints…