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#6Things: Diversity, Heineken, and Pinksourcing

I don’t like your dumb foosball careers page

Let’s pretend I’m looking for a job in tech…This scathing article posted on Medium describes how she, or other job seekers won’t make it past the careers page. While excellent, it provides little in the way of what recruitment marketing folks can DO about it. That said, it made me think. How are we representing work here at Red Branch? Who are we turning off with our team page? (Medium)


Rejection is legal

This is a subhead for the article in question, which if tl;dr goes like this. Recruiter sees crazy and threatening comments on a dude’s OKCupid page and says “nope, not hiring a crazy creeper” and there’s a huge article in SHRM about why that’s okay for her to do. Sigh. I get it, I get that HR Pros need to know if this is okay to do their jobs, but dang, how is this even a question? One note of clarity from the legal expert quoted in the story?  

“If the employer passed on this candidate but then hired another person who had made similar comments online that the company knew about, and if that person was a different sex, race, age, national origin or other protected category from the individual who was dropped from consideration, then the employer could be subject to a discrimination claim.”  So do we have to look up ALL the candidates on OKCupid then? (SHRM)



This is sad but makes me laugh so I am a little conflicted. Kristen Bell introduces a novel concept. Watch:


Media News Group is Pissed

And they’re trying to halt the sale of Monster to Randstadt. Randstad’s offer to buy Monster at $3.40 a share was announced the same day Monster reported losing 2 cents a share (after adjustments) during the second quarter. Analysts had been expecting the company to post a 3 cent a share profit. John Zappe dissects the letter, its implication to the Talent community and more. (SourceCon)


We get all hot and bothered

In the world of recruitment anytime any normal person notices us. And when we’re in AdWeek, WHAT? Popping bottles. Check out this write up on Heineken’s amazing candidate recruiting video, which is beautiful and professionally done, but I just think it’s weird. (AdWeek)


UP discusses Diversity

The whole article discusses what the company has done to increase diversity and inclusion at the railroad giant but it’s the last two paragraphs that are eye-opening:

Although there’s certainly still work to be done, Hutcherson suspects diversity won’t be an everyday topic of conversation 10 to 15 years from now.

“A decade from now, all of this is just going to be part of who we are,” she said. “It will be what we do. I think the younger generations don’t necessarily see color, they see commonality. We’ll be talking more about things like unity. How do we progress with unity? I think we’ll all be very accustomed to being different, and that’s a positive thing. I’m looking forward to it.” (InsideTrack)