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#6things: Dump Trump, Get Paid

Dump Trump, Get Paid

Allison Doyle got some hate mail over this one but she linked to this Washington Post story about time off for Trump protests and I’m not gonna lie…I LOVE IT!

Fauna, a San Francisco-based database start-up, recently began allowing its 13 employees to take unlimited paid leave to participate in rallies, vote, write letters to elected officials and take part in other civic activities. Before February, employees could take time off on an as-needed basis. But the political climate — and polarization — after President Trump’s inauguration called for more defined measures, said Amna Pervez, director of recruiting and retention.

“Since there’s been such a divide in our country, we felt we should be very explicit about our policy,” Pervez said, adding that the company also provides unlimited vacation time. “We want our employees to know that we absolutely support the betterment of our country. People can take whatever they feel like they need to make a meaningful difference.”

Read it, form an opinion. (WaPo)

Boss On Your Case?

If you’re feening for demos, check out this comprehensive list of tools for recruiters. Not all are free, but it’s a great master list if you’re on a buying spree and BONUS, it’s not just the popular SaaS kids. (HRtechWeekly)

Another reason to friggin LOVE IKEA

They’re hiring refugees starting this summer. Now we can feel great and buy college furniture at the same time! (Apartment Therapy)

Do lists even mean anything? What is a list?

Maybe something nerdy stoners ponder, certainly something CareerXRoads ponders. Check it. It’s a wealth of information if you’re a huge company who wants to know where it stands. (CareerXRoads)

Missing your interview

Devastating? Or hilarious? You be the judge. (CoburgBanks)

Don’t be a ____

Robin Schooling fills in the blanks in this blog post about counting PTO like pennies. (RobinSchooling.com)


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