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#6things: EB Stalking, Who Said It and POC Classroom

Every step you take… We’ll be watching you

Which reputation sites are employers and HR professionals paying attention to now? Aside from OG Glassdoor (which it seems HR professionals love to hate), I’ve seen buzz around Blind, TheLayoff, Indeed, FairyGodBoss, Kununu, InHerSight, Comparably and The Muse. One site on the list I didn’t expect? Quora, although I bet you’d get some REAL good dirt on a subreddit. (HROS)

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From Sears to Lowe’s

Donna Dolfe, sourcing leader extraordinaire is leaving retail giant Sears for home improvement wonderland Lowe’s! Dolfe joins Lowe’s as Director of Sourcing and Talent Acquisition Ops! Go, Donna! (Facebook)

Who said it?

88% of college freshmen say that getting a good job is the reason they go to college. 27% of graduating seniors say they got a good job. Per Gallup. #WhoIsSurprised? (Answer)

CNBC estimates that a college education is the second-biggest expenditure an individual makes in a lifetime, just under homeownership. Student loan balances have jumped more than 150% over the past decade — that’s $833m since 2007 — and with the average outstanding individual student loan balance at $34k, the national student loan deficit is now at a record high of $1.4 trillion. (Answer)

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I’m not your mom, but maybe your momma should have taught you this…

Dawn Burke pointed me towards this awesome article which just so happens to be written by Jason Lauritsen, hometown homie and writer/speaker/inspirer extraordinaire. 5 Life-Changing Lessons You Aren’t Taught at Work (But Should Be) should be required reading for anyone early in their career or managing people…or just anyone who didn’t learn these crucial lessons ASAP. From learning to control your attitude (to which I say YAAAASSSS) to running toward tough conversations, work life would be better if we all read this!

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Can’t Pretend, Won’t Pretend

Our country is in a wholly shitty place right now and to pretend we’re not seeing a rise in racism and fascism (not to mention sexism and a fair shake of LGBTQ+ hate) is to lie to ourselves.

Now if you want to further lie to yourself and pretend the aforementioned “isms” aren’t seeping into our workplaces, ya dumb. Instead, take the time to read some of these resources from POC Classroom (ya know instead of asking your ONE black friend what the dealio is).

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Victorio Milian was kind enough to point these out to his friends online. I chose to start in the Whiteness section (are we ever NOT first?) Pasting it here for the lazy:

Opening up the Kimono

I’ve said it. I’ve heard other people say it. It took a simple question from Jessica Lee to jar me out of my myopic daze that this phrase is WAAAAAAY inappropriate! What jargon are you using that is out of date, offensive or just plain dumb? Something to think about.

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