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#6Things: ERP, Deadpan Face, and Netflix BS

JDs are Not Simple

It’s hard to figure out just how to write job descriptions and recruiting processes for specialized jobs. Usually, we all think of these as super high-tech but sometimes companies who need to hire AMAZING people for customer service roles. Do you know how to build a process specifically for these folks? Well, Kelly Long asked the questions recently and got some cool feedback. Among the suggested companies she checked out? Nordstrom, Best Buy, and Southwest. (Facebook)


Hey, remember when…?

Remember, I talked about the Heineken job ad last week? Well, it all blew up in their faces this past week when their culture didn’t EXACTLY match up with their advertisement. Let this be a lesson to you young padawans, you can’t preach what you don’t take time to practice. (Good To Know)


Old Skool vs NEW School

First Netflix poaches Fox’s business model now its execs? When will it end? Sorry, I cannot take this BS seriously. (MSN)


People Skills Visualization

“How can companies get a better idea of which skills employees and job candidates have? While university degrees and grades have done that job for a long time, they’ve done it imperfectly. In today’s rapidly evolving knowledge economy, badges, nanodegrees, and certificates have aimed to bridge the gap – but also leave a lot to be desired. While HR departments are eager for better “people analytics,” that concept is still fuzzy. And simply collecting data is not enough – to be used, data has to be presented usefully.” (from HBR)


Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance in Austin

The Fair Chance hiring ordinance changes the order of things, and now requires background checks to be performed towards the end of the hiring process for businesses with over 15 employees. How will it affect business? We’ll see. It affects about 7000 companies. (The American Genius)


Dear Tech Companies, Focus on People, Not Foosball

What an original headline. Can you see my deadpan face? I am making a deadpan face. Solid points, crappy lede. (Wired)


Sharlyn Explains it All

One time, we got a new client and they asked us to write about ERP and we did and thought that meant Employee Referral Program and it did not in their context, or any other apparently because the HR Bartender (@hrbartender) explained it to me! And you. Check it. (HR Bartender)