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#6Things: Google Sheets, #MeToo and Nike in the News

By Maren Hogan: 

Is Nike Really a Best Place to Work?

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Not according to…Nike? Yep, the company held a company event designed to address a “boys-club” culture, as well as concerns about how women are represented and diversity overall. I have to hand it to leadership, they jumped right on a ticking time bomb:

The event, part of an initiative to encourage men to be better allies for their female co-workers, happened five days after a leadership shake-up that came about after employees shared concerns about representation of women in the company’s top ranks, women’s pay and a culture some former employees have described as a boys club.

Apparently, there have been quite a few HR issues over the years, with many employees leaving to work for rivals Puma and Adidas. Is the latest shake-up enough to help fix whatever is broken there? (WSJ)

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If You Use Google Sheets, You’re Going to LOVE This

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SourceCon is serving up some serious knowledge. This list is chock full of awesome add-ons to make Google Sheets a sourcing (and sales!!!) powerhouse. My two favorites are YAMM and FindThatLead. Of course, I’m a marketer 🙂 Nab these add-ons and the associated tutorials. TYVM! (SourceCon)

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Backlash Loading…

Men don’t know how to work with women if they cannot sexually harass them freely. Well, that’s not the exact headline, but it may as well be in this Washington Post article shared by Lisa Rokusek: Men are concerned about what #MeToo is doing to men at work

pew research graph Americans more concerned about men getting away with sexual harassment than men being fired prematurelyIn a survey conducted by The Pew Center, we learn that while the #MeToo movement has negatively impacted dudes, it’s not really doing much for women in the workplace.

pew research graph mixed views on implications of increased focus on sexual harrassmentAlso that men are super confused about how to act.

Do they just NOT touch butts now? If they call Toby “honeypie” does that mean they get to do the same for Marge? Is the breakroom no longer the designated old creepy guy back rub parlor? I know what you’re thinking, did they account for age? The answer is YES!

Older adults and Republicans more likely to say increased focus on sexual harassment has made it harder for men to know how to interact with women in the workplace.


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Big Job Board Gets Bigger

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This happened. (MorningStar)

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Can You Fire Someone with a Tweet?

Yes, but only if you are the POTUS. As reticent as I am to link to any IQ45 story, this one quotes our illustrious William Tincup with quotes like:

“Firing someone over Twitter is not a decent thing to do, no matter what,” Tincup said. “Will it become en vogue? Only for dumb people.”

We also hear about the potential of this leaking through to the actual workforce, like yours from our friends Jason Averbook:

“I do see something like being fired via Twitter having the potential to bleed back into the workforce and have these people in the workforce think this is acceptable,” said Jason Averbook, a Los Angeles-based HR management consultant and CEO and co-founder of Leapgen.

And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know…um, I’m not really sure anymore. (USAToday)

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Compliance is Sexy

How do I know? Because my friend and former colleague Josh Akers told me! After a great run with Broadbean/CareerBuilder, he’s moving along. Where is he going? I have no idea but watch this guy. Wherever he goes will be lucky to have him! (FB)

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