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#6Things: Hung Up, WTF is AI and Solitaire

It’s Goin Down For Real

At every conference, in every conversation, you’ll hear Google listed among the companies getting it right. Or, at least the companies a lot of marketing and HR folks want to aspire to. Gorgeous campuses, amazing perks and unequal compensation…wait, what? Yup, Google is getting sued for pay inequality! (WSJ)

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Interns Deserve Mad Respect

Is it because they are the next generation of workers? Nah. Is it because their generation may finally make democracy a working thing again? Uh-uh. It’s because the original Windows Solitaire was created by a bored intern. He also created the OG “boss key”. He got zero dollars and 14 cents for his amazing contribution to humanity. I want to hear no more about how I need to pay my interns. (Kidding I pay my interns!) (TNW)

Ain’t No Millionaire, but We’ll Play

Andrew Gadomski has invented a new show called the Hot Seat and we’re all very excited about it. AG’s own description:

On a schedule, technology and service providers go onto a webex live, and demo their service to me. I then interview them. They get 3 or 4 questions up front to answer…and 3 or 4 are in my pocket and they react live.

I will be asking about how they impact businesses with non-exempt workforces (our specialty) and their successes…and failures.

An audience attends. A confidential audience.

Are you ready for this? Because US HR NERDS TOTALLY ARE! Final Answer. (Facebook: Talent Product Plays)

WTF is NLP and AI?

Look guys, we’re no better than Steve Mnuchin unless we get on top of this, so check it. MachineLearnings.co is where you need to go to get a sense of all kinds of stuff, from which jobs are most likely to be automated to the differences between all these new acronyms and how not to sound like a moron when using them. Also, it’s cute. (Machine Learnings)

Speaking of Google

Which I was, up there. Anyway, they are investing in ATS, which should have all the big boys crapping themselves any old time now. But of course, it will take forever, and of course, it will be full of bugs at first, and of course, it won’t integrate with any other stuff and of course, then they’ll have to figure out payroll and stuff and then we’ll all be children of the Borg. I think they are doing it cuz Facebook is. (Gadgets360)

I Loathe This

Mompreneur, SHE-E-O, GirlBoss. Barf.

We rarely use this kind of special (and sometimes infantilizing) language for other under-represented groups, and in many cases to do so would feel like a slur. By calling out that a manager or CEO or entrepreneur happens to be a woman is to qualify that person’s accomplishments as “less than.” In that version of the world there are regular bosses and then there is a lower subset of “lady bosses.”

Now, I have a mug that says Boss Lady. That is fine. Because the Boss part comes first. (FastCo)

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