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#6Things: #ImATen, Zenefits Slime, Office Party Etiquette

Getting Ready for the Holiday Party?

There have been a lot of holiday party guides showing up on the interwebs. But this one is pretty much the best. If you are working, and having a holiday party, I think this is the best guide. (The Cooper Review)

Leaving Omaha

What? I thought we were past this NE. But in fact, my home state is losing degreed pros fast. So fast, it’s been declared a Brain Drain. The American Community Survey show that Nebraska is losing out overall — annually seeing some 2,300 more highly educated people move out than move into the state. The figures look at the movement of people 25 years and older during a five-year period, from 2011 through 2015. Boo (Omaha.com)

People are Hella Pissed at LinkedIn

Here we go again! LinkedIn made a big change and took away features recruiters used to get free. Now everyone is mad and no one’s gonna leave LinkedIn, at least they won’t right now…Shannon Pritchett (@SourcingShannon) of SourceCon, breaks it down for us:

This recent move by LinkedIn isn’t entirely shocking. Its users have seen many beloved products and features come and go over the years. Different versions of LinkedIn Premium can run as little as $47.99 a month. Many sourcers and recruiters have gravitated towards LinkedIn Premium as an inexpensive solution to view more profiles and run more efficient advanced searches. Without a Premium version of LinkedIn, basic users can be blocked from running as little as ten searches a month within LinkedIn. A LinkedIn Recruiter account can run upwards to thousands of dollars each month.

…but maybe LI should take a page from the Apple playbook and stop pissing off the people that made them do so well in the first place? Just a thought. (ERE)

Welp, Recovering from Scandals is Kinda His Gig…

From Zenefits to Trump? What a Sacks. (Fortune)

GoDaddy: Gender Champions!

There’s a great new case study up on HROS that explains how GoDaddy changed from just another tech company to one that embraced gender inclusion in a big way. Interestingly? It started by changing the way it marketed the company. (HROS)

#ImATen Campaign

A great young mind in the industry came up with this campaign and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. If you’ve read this far, take a minute to check out what the ImATen campaign is doing and then be a part of it! (ImATen)

BONUS LINK: Decorate the Office

I just feel like this is a really good idea and I would like for you all to do it. (Art Teacher Life)