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#6things: Kruse-in, Diversity FAIL, and Engineers Give us the Scoop

Responses Required

Okay so apparently before I was sending out info from groups in which I was involved and I am not supposed to do that but Allison Kruse (@AllisonAKruse) asked a great Q and it was out in the open so I am sharing. Basically, she wanted to know which companies were doing a good job of responding to negative reviews. The short list? RueLaLa, ComScore, Zillow, Hubspot, GoDaddy….and more. (Facebook)

Why You Wanna Be Like Me?

This CEO fired everyone and hired people from a BBQ. First, I did not really read this article, but Tincup (@williamtincup) did and he is smart. So, I took his word for it, that this is a terrible HR practice. But really, I cannot hire people from a BBQ, I am usually a couple of drunken golfers in and the carbs in all the potato salads are making me nuts. Bad hiring plan for me for sure. But does it make for a shitty D&I strategy? You tell me. (CNBC)

Check out everything @MarenHogan has to say about #diversity and more in this week's #6things: Click To Tweet

Starting to Feel Like A Fangirl

When it comes to Tim Sackett (@TimSackett). I agree with like everything he writes and NOTHING he says. Here he discusses how soft skills have helped him get to the lofty place he is. And I totally get it! High school dropout turned successful enough for Botox agency owner? I need my own Lifetime movie! (TTSP)

Baller Women

Be balling. Heather Huhman (@heatherhuhman) wrote it (love her). Shannon Smedstad (@shannonsmedstad) is in it (think she is the brainiest, coolest person ever). Stacy Zapar (@StacyZapar) busts out with a how to right in the middle (think she is my favorite pool buddy and also her eyes are like pools) and Jennifer Newbill (@JenniferNAtDell) (doesn’t know me that well, probs weirded out by my retweeting) tells just how Dell handles the situation. This article is chock full of girl PWR and Jay Baer (@jaybaerwho talks about a “hatrix” which is my Misfits name forever now. (Inc.)

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