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#6things: New Nikes, CATs and Pink Collar JOBS

Pink Collar Jobs?

We all know that men are down on their luck when it comes to jobs. And NY Times may have found one reason why. Many men don’t want the jobs that are available. Perhaps you’ve heard of the service economy? Well, it’s growing and many of those jobs are those have been historically deemed “women’s work”. The manufacturing jobs men have historically held are declining and they aren’t really coming back (no matter what any orange person says).

The jobs that have been disappearing, like machine operator, are predominantly those men do. The occupations that are growing, like health aide, employ mostly women.

One solution is for the men who have lost jobs in factories to become health aides. But while more than a fifth of American men aren’t working, they aren’t running to these new service-sector jobs. Why? They require very different skills and pay a lot less.

One economist calls this “retrospective wait unemployment” which in laymen’s terms is “looking for the job you used to have.” The problem isn’t men can’t do the jobs on offer, it’s many don’t want to or feel stigmatized by the option. But pretty soon, there may not be an option. However, the entire article is well worth your time to read. (NYTimes)

Payroll Data from an Unlikely Source

When you think large reports on global payroll data, who do you think of? Matt Charney, of course! (@mattcharney) But the large brim hatted contrarian of the industry did just that when he blooped this report from Delancey Partners into a Facebook group. But it is chock full of data and focus on the payroll industry and is a great resource to have in your back pocket. Kinda like Charney himself! (Delancey Partners)

How do you know if you’re a nerd?

You get really excited about periodic tables, specifically periodic tables about HRTech. Yep, you’re a nerd. I can’t believe I missed this breakdown by CBInsights, even though I totally get their emails and tried to connect with their CEO on LinkedIn (he’s playing coy). It came out in December and is as fun to look at as it is incomplete. (CBInsights)

It’s all coming up CATS

So earlier this week, I asked the smart people in Talent Product Plays (a dope online group of TA profeshes) which ATS they’d select for a small staffing firm, JAZZ, CATS or Zoho. CATS came up the winner by a landslide…got thoughts? Tweet ‘em at us! (FB)

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Me and everyone else to Andrew Gadomski’s (@AndrewGadomski) place. That’s right, it’s SRSC time once more! This January 25-27th, Social Recruiting Strategies Conference 2017 San Francisco (#SRSC) offers best practices and lessons learned from recruiting gurus and case studies of leading brands and organizations. Attendees and speakers will mix and mingle for three days, attending workshops, networking receptions and four practical learning tracks on Social Channels/Platform Strategies, Recruitment Analytics, Strategic Sourcing, and Employer Branding/Recruitment Marketing. Now in its 5th year, SRSC continues to provide real strategies and tools for recruiting as an approved provider through both HRCI and SHRM. (Register and use code ANA17MHO for a discount)

Celinda got new Kicks!

You might know Celinda (@celly_app) from her incredible run at Oracle but she’s taking on a new part of the country and a new role with Nike! I cannot even believe how amazing she is and soon we’ll get to hear all about her EB adventures at Nike. Go Celinda! Read her bio here, seems she’s born for this role! (RecruitingDaily)