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#6things: Racist, Sexist Bots and Charney goes Soft

If I Hadn’t Been There, I Wouldn’t Believe It

HRTechWorld was a last-minute lark for me but boy was I glad I did. Mark Coleman (@HRNEurope) welcomed me with open arms and I got the chance to see so many cool new HR technologies, room with Stacy Zapar (@StacyZapar), and grab some time with friends Lars Schmidt, Shane Gray (@shanedgray) and my GIRL Robin Schooling (@RobinSchooling). Here’s a hot take from the coldest bro in HRTech, Matt Charney (@mattcharney). If Matty likes it…(RecruitingDaily)

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This Charlie guy sounds pretty rough on potential hires. But he has some salient points. However, he kinda loses all credibility at the end where he’s like…I’m not hiring. Only someone who only had to hire sporadically would have these inane standards. I dunno. Maybe I am just cranky? (LifeHacker)

They’ve Done It Again

They’ve blinded me with science! Chris Hoyt (@ChrisHoyt1) and Gerry Crispin (@GerryCrispin) published this amazing resource from Elaine Orler (@elaineorler) where she shows off the TA Tech Matrix according to touchpoints, interactions and information sharing by type.

“My goal for anyone that is interested in this chart is to use it as a framework to inventory what solutions you have. Fill in the boxes with each vendor name you have, consider the full depth of criteria in the category and then give your current vendor a % score on how feature rich/poor they are in that category as well as your satisfaction score.” – (CareerXRoads)

Are you a Liz Lemon?

Or more of a Michael Scott? This flowchart will tell you which fictional boss you are based on your feedback. I am definitely a Miranda. (FastCo)

AI Removes Bias, or Gets Better At It

Dammit. The robots are learning our dumbass ways. Hat tip to John Sumser (@JohnSumser) for this. (Independent)

This is a great resource

Can I just say that Lever does some cool stuff? This candidate sourcing intake form being one of them. (lever)