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#6Things: Shaunda Zilich, Chance the Rapper and White Foot In Mouth Disease

If you want to hire it, you better put a ring on it

Think sexism is dead? You are incorrect sir! But this Recruitment Grapevine article has a bit of clickbait headline. See the shocking results of this ring experiment for yourself! JK you don’t have to. Basically, this woman put on a ring to appear more mature and responsible and she still didn’t get the job. Worse than not sexist, it’s not INTERESTING. But hidden inside the article is something that should never happen, the woman was repeatedly asked if she was married. In case you’re new to hiring…that’s a no-no. (Recruitment Grapevine)

Diversity Bites Back

After Bill O’Relly made an ass of himself by making fun of a woman’s hair while SHE IS SINGLE HANDEDLY TRYING TO SAVE THE FREAKING COUNTRY, Maxine Waters started yet another trend and it makes the working world take a hard look at itself. Why don’t you head on over to Twitter to see what #BlackWomenatWork looks like and let’s all confront our biases together shall we? (NPR)

Sorkin Sticks His Huge White Foot in His Mouth

So Sorkin, one of the best screenwriters we have, is kinda insulated? A little ignorant? Steve Boese (@SteveBoese) can’t believe it either:

So you would think, or assume, that a Hollywood veteran like Sorkin – experienced, successful, extremely well-known and with a pretty high profile, would have interesting or at least some kind of a view or opinion about Hollywood’s ongoing diversity challenges.  You would think he may even have some advice, or a solution to propose.

You’d think wrong, apparently.

Boese takes it from there to make what should be a really apparent point to everyone. Sometimes the crap going on at the bottom, middle or even upper echelons of the company is not apparent to the (usually, but not always, probably is but maybe I should put a gender neutral term ah screw it it’s definitely a) white dude at the top. It’s one of the reasons diversity in sourcing is a rising concept lately. (Steve Boese)

Sick of Hearing about AI yet?

If you’re in the HRTech space you are. But not if you’re in the government, if you’re over there, it’s not even happening. LALALALALA. (Axios)

Well the older you get the UGLIER you get

Don’t look at me, it’s from Steel Magnolias. But it’s rougher than just crow’s feet and saggy rear ends. Now older Americans have to deal with age bias. In this story by NPR, everyone is stressing about it, because Boomers are not going anywhere. Sure we have laws:

Blatant discrimination against older workers is illegal. For example, an employer couldn’t advertise a job saying “people over 40 need not apply.” A 50-year-old law called the Age Discrimination in Employment Act prevents that.

But there are other ways employers try to screen for age. For example, one company said that ideal candidates for regional sales jobs would be just two to three years out of college and that applicants with eight to 10 years of experience should be avoided.

I mean, the company in question is being sued but those older workers still don’t have a job. Sackett talked about this once upon a time. (The Tim Sackett Project)

Laurie Gives Shaunda Mad Props

Over on ERE, there’s some well-deserved love for GE Digital wunderkind Shaunda Zilich (@Shaunda), who was recently also featured on SHRM and who is generally having the spring to beat us all! Read the article, because more than just a little women giving women mad props, it’s also two brilliant execs talking about transforming our industry. (ERE)

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