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#6things: Sourcing Smarties, Protecting the Disabled and Sumser Says

Sumser Says…

Am I the only one who hears that like the guy who used to say ‘Survey says…” on Family Feud? Anyway, Sumser says this is the message of next year’s HRTech marketing theme:

“They don’t make decisions for me. They make me a better decision maker.”

What do you think? If he’s right…and I really hope he is, products better get to steppin’. (John Sumser)

Conversions Matter

What we’re reading this week is pretty amazing. Here’s a conversion guide to give you an idea if your CTR is baller or just BAD. Stevie Howard (@Stevie_RBM) pointed this out and we’re please to say, we do pretty amazingly here! (CXL)

Got Differently Abled Employees?

Check this. Don’t wanna watch? Here is the gist: Sessions is rolling back policies designed to protect civil rights, people with disabilities, legal permanent residents, storing of explosives and people formerly incarcerated.

I get it, those people get all the good parking spaces anyway. (MSNBC)

Leave it to Lars

And now I have the Leave it to Beaver song stuck in my head. Lars Schmidt posted a graph which confirms what we’ve been seeing over the course of the past 16-20 months here at Red Branch Media. For a minute I just thought we got really bad at socmed marketing, but no, the nature of the entire beast is changing.

social network graph

First, we thought it was the divisiveness of the election, then we thought it was the ever-changing nature of Facebook algorithms and finally we know it’s because the privacy THING finally got to be too much for us…or at least our kids.

“I think this graph represents one of the most significant trends in the recent history of marketing … and yet there is relatively little conversation about it. Social interaction is migrating away from the public view into private spaces.”

–Mark Schaefer

So brands need to pivot again, further cementing the sales as service model we’ve been exploring for the past decade or so. Be nice, answer questions and don’t lie. #marketinggenius Anyway, since we are who we are, this entire discussion became about…guess what? Talent Communities 🙂 (SocialMediaToday)

Sourcing Smarties

From Amybeth Quinn (@researchgoddess) and Suzy Tonini (@Infosourcer), to Ronnie Bratcher (@ronniebratcher) and Marvin Smith (@talentcommunity), Rob McIntosh (@TheRobMcIntosh) has assembled a list of some seriously smart sourcing brains. (Intelligentta)

Who is using Google AdWords in conjunction with email marketing? Not you guys? Well we are. (Kendra Tallman)