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#6Things: Tech Woes, Lis & Jason and The Old President’s New Job


“Trump’s actions… are so un-American it pains us all,” wrote Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a Facebook post earlier this week, while Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield pronounced the ban “…gratuitously evil” in a tweet. At the normally staid Goldman Sachs, CEO Lloyd Blankfein told employees in a voicemail that “[t]his is not a policy we support.” Also this.

Lots of recruiters and talent management thought leaders took to the Facebooks to give their thoughts on just what this might mean for business at large, and tech specifically. (Washington Monthly)


If you’ve been in this space for a while and don’t know RD Whitney (@rdwhitney), you should. Formerly of Diversified Communications and Kennedy Information, and he’s now been appointed Executive VP of Tarsus Group. Go RD! (Full Press Release)


The ACLU has enrolled in startup school Y Combinator. Why?

After fighting to secure a stay of the executive order signed by President Trump barring entry to the country for people from seven Muslim countries, the public rewarded the ACLU’s vigilance with a windfall of cash. It raised six times its yearly online fundraising average in just a few days, in part thanks to public figures and tech executives offering to match people’s donations. [Correction: $24 million is six times the ACLU’s average yearly online fundraising, not total fundraising.]

But how will the ACLU spend that money most effectively? That’s one skill YC specializes in teaching. It could give the nonprofit guidance on how to use the cash to attract talent, make investments in technological infrastructure and market itself to grow its donor base and influence.

Also? On January 29, Starbucks announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees around the world in the 75 countries where it does business over the next five years. This plan is an extension of Starbucks ongoing commitment to create pathways to meaningful employment for veterans, military spouses and opportunity youth. (TechCrunch) (Starbucks)


Amazon and the U.S. Department of Labor have signed an agreement to create a registered apprenticeship program to train veterans for tech jobs at the online retail giant, the DOL announced today. Through ApprenticeshipUSA, people can earn a salary while learning the skills needed for the job. This comes after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced last May the company’s goals to hire 25,000 veterans and spouses of military personnel over the next five years.


Here’s a great post on how to tell your boss you have too much work. I am sure it will go really well for you. KIDDING! Really, if you are too overwhelmed to do the work in front of you, you’re not doing your company or your boss any favors. This HBR article explains how to approach it with case studies and examples. Read it! (HBR)


Lisa Cervenka (@BrandNRD) is now the CEO of BrandAmper! The dynamic duo of Jason Seiden (@Seiden) and Lis Cervenka are each taking their own roads to success with the gentleman heading over to work at Lever and Lis taking on the mantle of CEO at BrandAmper. Get it you two! (LinkedIn)

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