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Are Wellness Programs Still A Thing?

Originally posted on Recruiter.com November 7, 2013.

Wellness Programs, the Right Way

WellnessProgram_Employees_HealthyThe goal with any wellness program is to facilitate a healthy work environment. This will increase engagement and lower healthcare costs. Wellness programs, which are thoughtfully implemented, do just this, but wellness programs that are pushy and intrusive, will do quite the opposite.

The benefits of a successful wellness program are plentiful, including less down time due to illness, higher retention and job satisfaction and increased productivity. With new healthcare initiatives on the horizon, wellness programs are going to become even more popular. Smoking cessation programs, workout and weight loss programs have shown proven health benefits, and reduced healthcare costs.

Whether you’re improving or implementing a wellness program in your organization, there are some very important dos and don’ts to consider. Matthew Faustman of Forbes sums up wellness programsin a great way,

“As you might imagine, it’s a kind of carrot-and-stick question: Do employers entice employees (the carrot version) to participate in wellness programs, or do they punish employees (the stick version) who refuse to participate?” Continue reading..

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