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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Benefits of Automation You’ll Start Drooling Over

By Alison Wurth:

The HR landscape is seeing unprecedented changes due to the technological revolution that is automation. HR Tech has never been so vibrant due to these new tools. Whether you are meeting the high expectations of tech-savvy millennials or keeping up with regulatory norms in the HR space, it is time to add automation to your arsenal.

In this Red Branch Weekly, we’re talkin’ about the undeniable benefits of automation. Whether you’re automating your recruitment processes, sales processes or otherwise – this article is full of what’s new and what is here to stay. Dive into how automation will make your life easier from our partners at AllyO, IQTalent Partners and Nuvem Consulting:

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AllyO: Is Your Recruiting Process Ready for AI?

Artificial Intelligence75% of companies believe HR data and analytics are important, but only 8% feel their organization understands it. The solution? AI. In the HR landscape, we hear so much about Artificial Intelligence and how much it will help you. But, when you are set in your ways and have a process that works for you – it may be difficult to truly see the benefits. In this article, AllyO breaks down the reasons why you would or would not need to implement AI into your processes. Short answer: you probably do! But don’t take it from me. Let AllyO help you decide!

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IQTalent Partners: The Human Element in AI Recruiting: Why AI Doesn’t Eliminate Bias By Itself

Candidate greeting interviewerBad news: AI can be biased if you make it biased. But wait, aren’t these fancy new HR technology supposed to eliminate bias altogether? Even though AI algorithms are supposed to be unbiased, they could still be created by someone with unconscious biases. So where do you go from here? The pros at IQTalent Partners let you know how this happens as well as exactly what you can do to combat these biases that could be programmed into your HR Technology!

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Nuvem Consulting: 3 New Thoughts About Salesforce CPQ That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Coworkers shaking hands

Automation is taking over the HR world, sure. But, it’s taking over the world of sales too! 28% of salespeople believe closing deals is the most challenging part of the sales process for reps, signaling a need for a solution. Specifically, they often run into issues when they produce sales quotes for prospects quickly. Errors are bound to happen. The solution? Automation in the form of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).

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