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#ClientKudos: GreenJobInterview Recommits to Video Interviewing as the Market Shifts

GreenJobInterview has re-invested in its next generation video technology to provide reliable and secure interviewing for companies of all sizes.

In case you haven’t heard, GreenJobInterview is reinvesting and recommitting to their roots of video interviewing. You didn’t hear? No worries, Red Branch Media has a recap for you!

What’s Going On?

HR Technology is evolving rapidly and many companies are responding by bringing complex, over-engineered recruitment management systems to market. Most of these only offer video interviewing as a secondary feature. Competitive video interviewing providers are expanding their product platforms beyond core competencies, buying other companies or merging with huge systems resulting in a complex and frustrating customer experience.

Why You Should Care?

As the market continues to grow, GreenJobInterview continues to stay laser focused in order to be sure that their clients receive the most effective and easy to use platform in the industry. GreenJobInterview wants to provide reliable and secure interviewing for companies of all sizes. In these efforts, the company has made the decision not to move into unrelated areas of HR in order to avoid diluting the core value of the original platform they provide to many clients.

“Our clients’ return on investment for video interviewing is quite compelling. We are profitable and growing in a controlled manner…” -Ryan Mulholland, president of GreenJobInterview.

Working with GreenJobInterview provides clients with the experience of working with a company that realizes the changing market and can adjust to stay true to the core value of their platform instead of straying away with everyone else. And that is definitely the kind of experience you want to be striving for…

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