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#ClientKudos: Talent Engine Launches New Service Model with Website

Sourcing Company Takes on Competitive Intelligence Led by Award-Winning Sourcer, Dave Mendoza

Have you heard the news?

Talent Engine just launched their shiny new site (designed by you know who…..OKAY IT WAS US). We’re very excited to collaborate with Talent Engine, the brainchild of talent acquisition genius, Dave Mendoza.

A word from the boss:

“We completely understood Dave’s vision for the site from day one. It’s an engine that drives talent acquisition within your company,” said Maren Hogan, CEO of Red Branch Media. “I’ve known Dave for years and worked with him on many projects in the past. This is one I am very excited about.”

What we can expect from Talent Engine:  

  • Data quality control- thorough, multi-point QA process that validates current data
  • Talent mapping- provides data points according to qualifications, employment history, social media presence, contact information, resume & background
  • Data-driven search- Ability to create a click and play library of sourcing and recruiting search strings
  • Talent community- award-winning CRM optimization creating value proposition in the new age of recruiting


There is nothing but good news and encouragement following Talent Engine on this move toward success. Read more about this incredible launch, here, and follow their journey, here.