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#ClientKudos: Vector Talent Resources Joins Forces with Corporate Wellness Firm

Vector Talent Resources Brings New Meaning to Staffing Agency Partnerships to Provide Innovative Staffing Solutions

What’s going on?

Vector Talent, an innovative staffing agency in Washington D.C. metro is joining forces with Savsani, a renowned corporate health firm, to introduce TalentFIT®, a proprietary Corporate Wellness Resource. TalentFIT® will be led by local fitness expert and reigning champion of the 2015 Mr. America-Physique Competition, Robert Clark III.


“For years, we’ve been able to assist our clients in finding quality talent, but once they were placed, our job was finished. Even the best candidates can become disengaged and unhappy causing them to leave. This loss is felt by our clients and us, which is why we’ve decided to provide a value-added service through corporate wellness to help our clients engage and retain talent by showing they care for their well-being as a person, not just an employee. We’re excited to be pioneering the next step in staffing agency partnerships,” said Marc Berman, CEO of Vector Talent Resources.


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Why should you care?

Workplace health promotion programs have the potential to reduce average worker health costs by 18%, and even more for older workers, according to a report by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. TalentFIT® coaches work with customers to get the most out of their talent investment by collaborating with staff to get healthy, mindfully communicate, reduce stress, decrease pain, and improve sleep so they can experience better work days, higher production, and improved communication with others.

And there’s so much more! Read the full press release here.