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#RedBranchWeekly: From Day One and On: Expert Tips to Engage Talent

By Jenny Crumrine:

In this ever-changing, talent-driven market a strong employee engagement strategy is a must. The need to engage talent starts at the first point of contact and continues through the employee’s entire time with your organization. That’s a lot of ground to cover, huh? HR leaders are constantly searching for cost-effective ways to engage talent that fit into their culture, deliver real results & put them a step ahead of the competition.

In this weekly, we delve into proven ways to get that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Thanks to our partners at Oleeo, ClearCompany and Hyphen you can stay up to date on all things HR and employee engagement.

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Oleeo: 3 Incredible Ways to Improve the Interview Experience 

Job interview focused on employee engagementDid you know the average job opening attracts over 250 applicants? For most organizations, that kind of response is overwhelming. When recruiters finally get through that huge stack of applications they likely have little time to prepare for the interviewing process forcing them to wing a crucial moment that affects candidate experience. Oleeo has three straightforward ways to improve your interview processes. They feature before, during, and after the interview tips to engage talent right from the get-go.

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ClearCompany: How HR Teams Are Improving Their Onboarding in 2019 Infographic

Staff discussing their employee engagement strategies for the yearThe pros at ClearCompany truly know their stuff when it comes to onboarding, and they’re here to tell you everything you know about onboarding is changing. Onboarding can be a mess, and new hires notice. Only 12% of employees feel that their organization did a great job with their onboarding. Think this isn’t a big deal? Think again. Replacing a failed executive can cost more than 213% of their salary. This infographic is chalked full of stats you simply can’t ignore and tips to upgrade your onboarding processes saving you time and money and impressing your new hire.

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Hyphen: The Top Challenges Facing Employee Engagement and People Analytics in 2019

Team discussing their employee engagement strategyIf you truly want to improve your team’s engagement, you need to understand what you’re up against before you can start implementing changes. Hyphen has the latest on employee engagement challenges and people analytics. They’ve provided a host of practical solutions to help your team get past these challenges. This way, you can move forward with a more focused team. This one’s worth a read. Trust us.

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