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How To Embrace And Ace Video Interviewing

If we’ve learned anything in recent weeks from the coronavirus outbreak, it’s how helpful and integral technology is to our lives. Our computers and phones allow us to continue functioning at a (somewhat) normal capacity, with online shopping, Skype and Zoom hangouts, and even company happy hours.

Within the HR field, hiring managers have used technology to continue their hiring processes by relying on video interviews. A virtual interview presents new challenges for job seekers — when everyone is used to the traditional method, reframing our mindset, and preparing for a video interview can be tricky and confusing.

With these 5 tips, you can feel confident leading up to your virtual interview:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Before your video interview, take some time to rehearse potential answers. Run through your responses out loud, so you feel confident and comfortable speaking to them in the interview.

Studies show that rehearsing 10 times leads to boosts in confidence and improved body language. 

In addition to rehearsing, get prepared by memorizing important information. With video interviews, maintaining eye contact and refraining from looking down or away from the screen is key. By giving yourself time to memorize facts and data that you hope to discuss, you keep yourself from relying on notes. Remember to tackle video interviews with the same level of professionalism as traditional interviews. A little practice will go a long way and will help to knock down any nervousness you have.

Tip: Practice for your video interview by recording a video of yourself responding to some sample questions. Take a look back at the video; it will show you a good idea of how you present yourself to the interviewer. After doing this, adjust anything you think needs improvement and try again.

Studies show that rehearsing answers 10 times leads to boosts in confidence and improved body language. Check out what other tips @Jake_RBM has for acing your #videointerviews: Click To Tweet

2. Test Run the Tech

The last thing anyone wants is to face technical difficulties when the time for your video interview comes around. The day before and the day of, schedule out time to test drive the video software. Are you able to login to your account? Do you have the correct link for the conference room? Can you see and hear yourself clearly? Finding the answers to these questions early will help to calm the pre-interview nerves.

3. Dress for Success

Believe it or not, the clothing you choose to wear for a job interview has direct effects on the outcome of the interview. Statistics have found conservative colors, such as blacks, blues, and greys are the safest and smartest bets when it comes to interviewing outfits.

What to Wear:

  • Blue: Interviewers note that blue is the most highly recommended color to wear. This color conveys honesty, credibility, and showcases someone as a team player.
  • Black: This classic color is often associated with timeliness, authority, and leadership. If you are applying for a high-power role or managerial position, choosing a black outfit can help convey your strength.
  • White: A clean and classic color, white will not lead you astray when it comes to an interview. You can pair this color with pieces of more vibrant colors to convey creativity and showcase your personality.

What Not to Wear:

  • Orange: Orange ranked as the worst color to wear for job interviews. Not only is it often associated with unprofessionalism, but it can also convey overconfidence.
  • Multi-Color: When it comes to dressing for interviews, less is more. While a splash of color can add personality to an outfit, too much color is distracting and pulls focus from your qualifications.
  • Red: There are benefits to wearing red for an interview – people associate it with power and assertiveness. However, red can also overpower the room, sending an unfavorable message of dominance over your interviewer.

It should go without saying, but YES you need to put on a pair of pants for your video interview.

Before the time comes, take a few moments to check how your outfit looks on screen. Something that is flattering in person might show up differently on a computer screen. By taking the time to prepare your outfit ahead of time, you can feel much more confident leading up to the interview.

Think About the Optics

Often, people opt for solid color backgrounds. While this keeps the visuals from becoming distracting, it leaves a lot to be desired. Use your video interview as an opportunity to showcase some personality. Find a clean room in your home with good lighting, so you are clearly visible and decorate the background with compelling accessories that speak a bit to who you are as an individual. Use plants to keep the background interesting, bookcases to showcase your favorite reads, paintings to break up the monotony, or accent furniture to highlight your style.

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Remember, interviews are about offering the interviewer a chance to understand who you are as a person. Video interviews provide a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the personality of the interviewee that the traditional interview setting lacks. Lean into this, and let your personality shine in the interview.

Tip: Tie some of the pieces of your background into your interview. Do you have a favorite professional read? Pick the book up while answering a question and tie it into your answer. Are you interviewing for a creative position? Point out the painting in the background and talk about what draws you to the piece.

Be Yourself

You’ve made it to the interview phase for a reason. The company is clearly interested in what you have to offer and who you are as a person! One of the most important aspects of the interview is determining whether you are a good fit for the company. By answering questions honestly and being authentic in your interview will help you and the interviewer gauge whether the company culture matches your personality. Take a deep breath, relax, and just be yourself.

Video interviews don’t need to be scary. In fact, they can be fun and a unique experience for everyone involved. Keep in mind that everyone is still adjusting to this “social-distancing lifestyle” we are all facing. Prepare as much as you can ahead of time, but don’t overstress hiccups that happen along the way.

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