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#6Things: LinkedIn on the Brain, Bussing Rules and Blonde Jokes


So this past week saw me in NYC shooting a promo for my newest gig as the LinkedIn Talent Connect LiveStream Host! I’m very excited as you can see. But something else is a’brewin when it comes to LinkedIn. First off, a very heated conversation is going down based on Stacy Zapar’s pretty innocuous request:

If you had LinkedIn executive management’s undivided attention, what’s the #1 thing you’d like to see fixed about the platform?

Well, boy oh boy, did she get some answers. Some were super helpful and insightful like Rob Dromgoole (@Ghoulmeister) and Ed Han (@ed_han), who asked for easier ways to search for diverse hires and military skills and the default headline to quit “defaulting” to last or current job. Gross.

But some were downright mad. It’s a fascinating discussion to be sure. Are you a member of this group? (Facebook) Okay, this is such a well-written bonus, I decided to add it. LinkedIn, if you’re listening, there are a lot of opinions out there. (LinkedIn Pulse)


Also, please watch and register for the livestream, even if, ESPECIALLY if, you’re going to be in Chicago for HR Tech! Seriously you guys, please help me convince them I am a GOOD CHOICE FOR THIS! (LinkedIn)


Bussing (@heatherbussing) is back from the corporate world and I LOVE IT. This article was making the rounds when she smacked it down with the loving logic for which she’s become known. Inc was trying to say that women leaders should be blonde. I mean, I love being blonde but you can’t like TELL me to be. Anyway, Heather was like naahhhhh, and basically pointed out that the inflammatory percentages screamed from the headlines had…inverse percentages which told a far different story and also that this article is hella dumb (my words, not hers). (Inc)


For sources that is, Phil Fersht (@pfersht) calls BS on Gartner’s premature prediction that three million workers globally will be supervised by “robo-bosses”:

But then we get treated to this almighty whopper from Fran Karamouzis, a vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner…

By 2018, more than three million workers globally will be supervised by “robo-bosses”.  Wow – isn’t this barely more than a year away? Excellent, so Fran’s going to be around to declare automation glory when global employment goes through a robo-geddon so seismic, it’ll be like all three terminators visited from the future at once  to change the world? My god – what is going on here? The suggestion that an employee will be supervised by a machine simply cannot be corroborated by any meaningful research…

It’s a legit good article and the headline is NOT hyperbole. Read it if you want to be one of the cool kids. I like Gartner fine, but Phil’s got a heckuva point. (Horses for Sources)


This would be funny if it weren’t so GD true. It’s really actually very hard to be reminded of hurtful things. So quit it would you POCs? No seriously, watch this and tell me your inner person doesn’t cringe. (AJ Plus English)


Shareholders, amirite? Well, these ones are mad because it sounds like the deal Monster agreed to with Randstadt is going to make them (AGH!GSHSH!JLKFNSDCOIK!) less rich. And that simply cannot be. J/K I know nothing about finance or shareholders or money or mergers. I am just saying, maybe this means you can’t get real deals once you’re a big rich fish. (Yahoo Finance)

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