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Marketing Agility & Efficiency: Defined by B2B Agency Marketers

This article on Marketing Agility & Efficiency was initially published in 2019. We asked all Branchers to contribute their thoughts on our values, including Agility and Efficiency most recently in 2023.

We are midway through our values series, so if you missed any, check them out here: curiosity, naked ambition, the pursuit of excellence, credit due, & accountability.

Today’s Company Value is Agility/Efficiency

Here at Red Branch, we pride ourselves on quickly brainstorming, adjusting, and understanding. Keep reading to discover why each of us treasures the value of Agility/ Efficiency value so much:

Red Branch style agility means celebrating successes, failures, and lessons learned. Red Branch style agility is about building a culture where everyone works collaboratively to reach the same goal, taking advantage of the strengths of each team member. 

This type of agility encourages open communication and celebrates progress, no matter how small it may be. It also fosters creativity and innovation as teams are encouraged to take risks and think outside the box. 

See what the Branchers had to say about Agility/Efficiency:

For me, to be agile is to be like water — you must be able to change your shape to fit the situation without losing the essence of who you are.


Things move quickly here. Having the agility to roll with each new obstacle effectively and efficiently is one of the things that makes Red Branch so successful.


How Marketing Agility Breeds Innovation

The employees at Red Branch Media understand the importance of agility and efficiency in the ever-changing digital landscape. They are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve while remaining flexible and adaptive to new trends, technologies, and customer needs. Their willingness to pivot quickly when necessary has enabled them to achieve excellent results quickly while ensuring they never compromise on quality or creativity.

Additionally, they strive daily to find faster and more innovative ways of doing things, allowing them to maximize their output without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. This commitment to agility and efficiency has been instrumental in helping Red Branch Media become a leader in the digital marketing space.  

Terri Agility Efficiency Value at Red Branch Media








Being agile means we can easily respond, adapt, and change reactively without losing the main vision or goal.


When a team demonstrates agility, it shows that they are understanding, collaborating, learning, and staying flexible to achieve the goal. Agility highlights a team’s ability to adapt to change rather than struggle around it.


Being agile is about being able to shift to industry trends or events quickly and efficiently. Every single person on the Red Branch team is knowledgeable and ready to shift gears or pivot in order to meet client needs.


Agility in the workplace is “employees’ capacity to gather and disseminate information about changes in their environment and respond to that information quickly and expediently.


One of the ways we’re so successful at Red Branch Media is our ability to be agile. This doesn’t mean we rush through projects, but rather we are natural at communicating and anticipating client needs. This allows us to work with our clients to hit goals and crush it on deliverables quicker than other agencies.Agility in the workplace is “employees’ capacity to gather and disseminate information about changes in their environment and respond to that information quickly and expediently.


Why Marketing Agility is Crucial to Success

At Red Branch Media, our employees understand that agility and efficiency are critical to success. Through a combination of strategic planning and tactical skill, we can respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and deliver results for our clients on time and within budget. Our agile teams also bring their own unique skill sets to the table, allowing us to create innovative solutions and reach objectives quicker than other agencies.

Moreover, our teams work together to ensure that each project is done with accuracy and attention to detail while emphasizing speed. This emphasis on agility, paired with the efficiency of our processes, allows us to consistently achieve outstanding results for our clients and outperform the competition.

Agility in today’s day and age within this industry is vital. With seemingly every aspect of our profession changing on a monthly basis, the skill of agility is necessary to keep a marketer up-to-speed & deliver constant results to the companies we represent.


Agility is essential at work and helps us adapt to our ever-changing environment as we embrace new challenges and opportunities.


Agility at RBM means we can swiftly adapt to changes and do so cohesively. 


Cassandra on Red Branch Media value agility/efficiency

Agility is when you can adapt quickly and efficiently to deliver campaign assets and results and apply new methods and concepts to stay current.


To be efficient, we pick the best direction for any given task and work quickly toward project execution. However, we remain agile, and this means we can reassess projects, adapt our plans, and change course in a snap if the need arises.


Agility is about being flexible, not bendable. Adapting to the times doesn’t mean being bendable; it means having enough flexibility to make progress without compromising who you are.


Agility is necessary to remain efficient, especially in marketing. Whether it’s changing trends, new methodology, or a temporary pivot in focus- our work requires we be diligent in achieving amazing results but flexible in the approach to stay competitive.


At Red Branch Media, we prioritize efficiency and agility in everything we do. Our team is dedicated to working quickly and efficiently toward the goal while remaining flexible enough to adapt quickly when needed. We believe that being agile in our approach allows us to stay current with new trends and technologies and remain competitive in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. As a result, our staff constantly evolves their skillset, pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be efficient and agile.