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Why Excellence Is Vital at The Branch

By The Branchers:

Our final value is the pursuit of excellence. Which is only fitting after describing to you every one of our company values… all 11 that is. At Red Branch, we find it impossible to stop at “good” we know what we are capable of here and won’t quit until we have produced excellent work. Every day, we push harder and become capable of more than we thought we were able to achieve the day before. Check out our individual definitions of the pursuit of excellence below.

Oh, and don’t forget to read any values you missed here: grit, curiosity, naked ambition, accountability, get things done, credit, helpfulness, balance, honesty and agility/efficiency.


The pursuit of excellence is an unending pursuit. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations (and our own), then set the bar higher and do it all again.

– Jeremy



We always want to strive for excellence! The pursuit of excellence means we are always looking for better ways to perfect our work and its outcomes.

– Eric


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The pursuit of excellence takes commitment, day-in, and day-out. Each day we strive to be the best with our work ethic, our expert knowledge, and our culture.

– Kerry



I believe that if you work hard, you’ll make something great. But if you work even harder, you’ll make something greater. One thing that’s made me the designer I am is this value. When you think you’ve done everything you can to make your deliverable amazing, you’re wrong. It’s when you push yourself past the “safe” zone, you’ll create your truly best work. This is excellence.

– Kyle



Pursuit of excellence at Red Branch Media means not being satisfied with the results until you’ve poured everything you have to give to produce the best work possible knowing clients, your team, and others will feel the same when they see it.

– Shalaina



Everyone at RBM strives for the pursuit of excellence. Pursuing excellence doesn’t just mean hitting deliverables and deadlines. It is about discovering new ways to delight and surprise our clients while maximizing their goals and leads.

– Kristine



We’re not always right. But you can bet we’re always working to make sure we’re pursuing the best possible practices. The pursuit of excellence doesn’t mean that you’re 100% excellent. It does mean that you are humble enough to know what is wrong and smart enough to learn from it and provide clients the best of what we can do.

– Bach



Doing everything you can to be the best version of yourself, every day.

– Kaleb



As a team who strives to give it their all, we are constantly pursuing excellence for our clients and ourselves. We spend countless hours researching, developing our skills and creating best practices for our team to implement into our work.

– Molly



Excellence is knowing your deliverables are more than just action items or projects. It’s always striving to hit the bars you set for yourself and setting a new standard of “your best work” with each project completion.

– Jimmy



The Red Branch team is made of people who are always trying to improve themselves in and out of office. We see what the competition is doing and we do it better. We are always in pursuit of excellence.

– Alison



We are proud of the work that we do and the quality of our deliverables. But that doesn’t mean we settle and become repetitive. Each task and project assigned offers an opportunity to be creative and push the boundaries to achieve personal and team excellence.

– Maggie



Sure, “good” is good enough. But at the Branch, we pursue to be the best agency and produce the best work. We pursue excellence.

– Anna



Red Branch revolves around growing our clients, which ultimately grows the company. Our relentless pursuit of excellence keeps the RBM train chugging down the track.

– Nick



Working at Red Branch means knowing when to push for something better but also knowing when something is done. We strive to be the best but (from Maren herself), Don’t let great be the enemy of good.”

– Cassie



In the marketing world, great ideas are sprouted every day and taking over from the ones thought of the day before. At RBM we strive for the pursuit of excellence to stay competitive with the abundance of great ideas.

– Madison



The perfect marketing company doesn’t exis….

Just kidding, we aren’t gonna claim we do every single thing right, but what we have perfected is our drive to want to be the best and our willpower to ensure we are better than we were the day before.

– Mackenzie



“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” Our work isn’t perfect every time. We recognize this. The pursuit to make results better are what make us excellent. We aim to be better, not perfect. There’s nothing better than perfect. However, we’re not satisfied with that, cause we believe we can be better than perfect.

– Mitchell



We understand that if we aren’t improving and growing we aren’t going to reach our goals or help our clients in the way they need. So we are always striving to achieve excellence in all we do, as individuals, as a team, as marketers, as Red Branch.

– Andrea



Good can always be better, and better is always the best. Pursuing excellence means to always push for the best, whether it be writing an article, crafting a social post, or working on any other project. Red Branch strives to give the best and be the best.

– Hannah



The pursuit of excellence is a mindset of continuous improvement. We strive for excellence every day at Red Branch Media by setting goals, achieving them, and then repeating it over and over again.

– Jessica



At RBM, we strive to always produce outstanding work for our clients. Our team performs at a level far beyond what is expected to make sure our clients and team are getting what they need.

– Tridia



At Red Branch pursuing excellence means going the extra mile for our clients by asking ourselves “What can we do to make this even better?”

– Jenny


The Pursuit of Excellence is just one of Red Branch’s core values. Interested in seeing the other core values? Check them out here and, if you’re curious enough, look at our job openings to be a Brancher!