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Meet the Brancher: Haylie Rawlings

brancherWelcoming to the stage, author of (make-believe) autobiography, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” Haylie Rawlings! The RBM team is thrilled to have Haylie find her place in our humble agency as our new social media and PR intern. Let’s taco ’bout it.

Haylie is a silly, thoughtful and organized dog lover (she has one of her own!) who would willingly swim with sharks or kick it with bears given the opportunity to experience immortality for a day. Time well spent, girl.

In real life, Haylie wouldn’t be caught dead sharing a snap filter (fave app) with a butterfly, she’s utterly terrified. There’s no doubt she would share the frame with any member of The Office, fan girl alert!

On the weekends we can make a safe bet Haylie can be found laxin’ to the max to The Chainsmokers (hands down favorite tuneage) while sipping any given beverage out of a straw (even beers must go through this slurpy helper).

While she’s not doing all these really cool things, she’s probably planning her next dreamcation to Italy where she can enjoy the beautiful culture and ancestry- can’t blame ya!

Follow along on this exciting new journey as Haylie makes her way to success at The Branch.

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