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Meet the Brancher: Noelle Ashley

Introducing Noelle Lynne Ashley, our new content creator here at Red Branch Media, and she has three first names. Well not really, but kind of. Not for long though! She’s engaged and her new last name will be Murphy, so people can stop mistakenly calling her Ashley.


The “Outgoing Introvert”

Noelle is a creative, quirky gal that is the epitome of an “outgoing introvert”. Her most prized possessions include her fiance and her rad 2-year old black lab. She says she once claimed her favorite color to be glitter, which is cool because who doesn’t love some glitter? She’s a proud Whovian and is terrified of large bodies of water. Good thing we live in Nebraska, Noelle!

She says she used to be pretty obsessed with America’s Next Top Model and so if she could close her eyes and be anywhere when she opened them, it would be in Bangkok because of the awesome shoot they did there. (We think once she got there she would do a little “smizing” too.)


“A Story About A Self-Proclaimed Weirdo…In Space.”

That is the title Noelle says she would give her autobiography, if she were to publish one. We hope it would include some screenshots from her snapartist life of doodling on snapchats, some pictures of her hoarded nail polishes and lipsticks, and a shot of her plate after eating her favorite food, which is pizza, but she also hates marinara sauce. We imagine the plate would be all sorts of messy. If she could only listen to one artist/band forever it would either be John Mayer, My Morning Jacket, or the Beatles. She thought that was an evil question to ask though, so we will refrain from messing with her music!

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