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#NowPlaying: Summer Poolside Playlist

Happy summer! It’s about that time to dust off those flip-flops and head to the pool. Nothin’ is better than having an ice-cold beer next to the pool with your favorite jams. That’s exactly why we crafted this new playlist, just for the occasion! Dive into (cheesy pun) your new playlist titled, “Summer Poolside Playlist” now. Don’t forget to follow us on Spotify so you know exactly when our next playlist rolls out.

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The Season of Swimming, Cookouts and… Beer?

While we like to enjoy this season in the United States with swimming and cookouts, fun fact, it’s also the season of beer. According to the article, “Seasonal Beer Survey: Summer Most Popular Season for Beer,” the survey taken by Ask Your Target Market states, “Of those who are at least occasional beer drinkers, 42% said that they’re likely to drink more often in the summer months than they are during the rest of the year.” It’s true. With the rise of local breweries, especially here in Omaha, I can agree that beer is making a big comeback. Branch out, buy local, and enjoy your new favorite beverage!

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The Season of Humidity

Summers are fun in the United States, but any Nebraskan will know… our summers here are brutal. It’s not the temperature that gets us, though, it’s the massive humidity percentages. According to the article, “The Award For The Worst Weather In The U.S. Goes To…” it states, “…the Midwest undisputedly has the worst weather year-round in the United States, and possibly in the whole of North America.” It goes on to say, “…the Midwest is plagued by Florida-like humidity levels all summer…” and that we “…get a lot of direct sunlight in the summer, due to the Earth’s tilt towards the sun.” If the humidity wasn’t enough, we’re also right in the middle of tornado alley. Now, I have never seen a tornado, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t come here, but living through a Nebraska summer is a right-of-passage here. We love to hate it, but we also love our state even more.

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The Season of the College World Series and Other Fun Things to Do in Nebraska

The United States is pretty awesome, but Nebraska is by far the greatest state of all time. We’re not “all cornfields” as outsiders would say. Actually, there are plenty of things you can do here and have the best time ever. Most people make the trip to Omaha this time of year to watch the College World Series. You can also visit the home of Kool-Aid, catch an Omaha Stormchasers or Creighton Blue Jays game, take in the iconic sand hills and Chimney Rock, visit lots of incredible breweries such as Lucky Bucket and Infusion or take on the #2 ranked zoo in the country of 2017. If you want to stay awhile, try out a UNO Mavericks or Omaha Lancers hockey game. If you’re all in and want to get a full Nebraskan culture event, you need to watch a legendary Nebraska Cornhuskers game right here in Lincoln.

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Wherever you live, it’s time to head to the pool, crank these tunes and enjoy the summertime. It doesn’t last long, so take it all in. If you’re coming to our town for the CWS, you’re sure to get a warm welcome and you can be rest assured there’s plenty of things to do here. What are you waiting for? Grab a pool chair, turn up your volume, click on the playlist below and get your summer jams on!

“Simply put, music at the pool is necessary to drown out screaming children. – Shaley McKeever, Strategic Growth Manager at Red Branch Media (@Miss_Shaley)

Poolside Playlist with beach background