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#RedBranchWeekly: Nurturing Your Unique Team for Success

By Alison Wurth:

Diverse companies are successful companies. Plain and simple. Today, top leaders recognize that diversity drives performance. But what is diversity? And, how does it reflect in our daily lives?

Well, diversity is NOT simply blending different cultural backgrounds. You also need a range of viewpoints, life experiences, and more. Having a diverse team gives you access to a wide range of ideas so you can find the best idea for each deliverable. But, how exactly do you nurture your unique team? Our partners at Good&Co, IQTalent Partners, and Whil have the tips you need. Dive in!

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Good&Co: Improve Your Teams through Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion

A unique, diverse team posing for a group picure

Everyone’s idea of diversity is different. We all come from different backgrounds and have a different idea of what is unique and unfamiliar. If you’re like most people, you might think of factors like race, age, and gender when it comes to diversity. But creating a diverse workforce goes way beyond that. Workplace diversity means employing as many different kinds of people as possible, including them, and maximizing their skills. Take a look at Good&Co’s video and find out just how valuable a diverse, inclusive, and culturally-aligned workforce is to your business.

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IQTalent Partners: The IQTalent Partners Guide to Building the Best Internship Program

Manager introducing a new intern to the diverse team

Interns…they are a great asset to any organization. But, to pay or not to pay? There is not a clearly defined role that interns play. You absolutely need to figure out what works for your organization. Should you pay your interns? If so, how much? Not sure how to mentor your interns? Jump into this article from IQTalent Partners so you can start building an intern program that works for your unique team.

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Whil: The Key to Closing: A Calm, Resilient, and Focused Sales Team

Unique sales team fist bumping eachother after a sale

Did you know sales is often listed among the most stressful fields? Sounds about right. Your sales team, especially your sales managers, are tasked with driving growth for your organization. And, that kind of pressure can catch up to them. Sales teams have a unique stress-inducing job that requires understanding and stress resilience training. Whil has you covered on this one. Find out how you can nurture your stressed out team in their latest article.

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