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The Power of Personality-Based Marketing Tactics

By Kaleb Vik:

For as long as the marketing industry has existed, companies have been searching for ways to increase the value and market share of their brand through attempts to differentiate their brand and appeal to specific consumers. Creating an impactful image is difficult to accomplish, requiring both an understanding of who your target market is and how to play into the consumer’s preferences.

This task becomes increasingly challenging when marketing efforts are based on poor metrics and outdated demographics. To top it all off, consumers are oftentimes known for failing to consciously report on what they actually want. With all of these factors considered, how can we create market campaigns that will make a substantial impact?

The Power of Personality

One key metric many marketers tend to overlook is the power of targeting consumers based on personality types. The text on your website and various marketing materials must speak to each personality type individually in order to sell your product or service. When creating an approach, should you use the competitive angle by emphasizing your benefits over other companies with offerings? Maybe you should try the analytical path, listing product specs and details?

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DISC Model

While there are many variables that affect an individual’s personality and approach to purchasing, each can be simplified using the DISC model.

  • Dominance – The dominant personality tends to prefer a direct, results-driven approach to life. This individual is opinionated, strong-willed and tends to talk more than listen. They often prefer power and authority and thrive when given a challenge.
  • Influence – This personality type is quite the opposite, tending to listen more than they talk while also being easily persuaded. They tend to prefer friendliness and acceptance, seeking to be liked by everyone.
  • Steadiness – Individuals high in steadiness prefer to ask rather than tell and often take a consultative approach to life. While relaxed, people with this personality type prefer routine and standardization in their lives.
  • Conscientious – The conscientious types are structured and prefer to do things by the book. They tend to be cautious and precise, holding clear expectations and a high standard of how things should be.

Although nobody is entirely one personality type, individuals tend to carry themselves in such a way that emphasizes one of these four profiles. So how can you market to each personality type accordingly?


Appealing to this personality is best done by showing someone how your offering can help them get ahead of their competition. Framing your product or service as a powerful advantage over a similar offering is a great way to speak to this individual. Explain how much time they will save, how quickly your service can be implemented or define a practical solution you provide to a problem they experience.


Treat your marketing efforts as if there is a popularity contest and your product or service is number one. Are you offering something new or cutting-edge? Create your campaign as if it is anyway to attract this personality type. Additionally, omit the details. Influential types tend to be more concerned with the big picture, and can easily be distracted (or even lose interest) when bogged down with monotonous information. Describe how your offering enhances interaction or recognition from others, but do so in a compelling nature.


Does your offering have a proven track record? Perfect. Testimonials are a great way to attract individuals high in steadiness. Additionally, avoid details that show how your offering will result in a change to their company or lifestyle. Instead, focus on the boost to morale their team will experience.

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This personality type heavily values details and facts, which means showing results with numbers is a promising approach. Since there is much research and consideration involved in making a decision, don’t cause this individual feel rushed into making a decision. The more information they have to analyze, the more comfortable they will feel making a purchase.

You may be asking, “Is it possible to sell to each personality type at once?” The answer is yes, but it must be done strategically. The approach must include knowing what’s most important to each personality type, where this individual will go to find their information and ensuring you’ll find what you’re looking for when you get there. Want to see this in action? Check out our services or reach out to learn how we can help you.