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The Definitive #HRTechConf Playlist

After the long days and sometimes even longer nights sometimes you need to wake up with a few songs to get you pumped for the day. Here is our #HRTechConf playlist to get us supercharged for the day.

You Better Work Branch! – Britney Spears

Since Britney Spears runs Planet Hollywood we had to start off with our favorite Britney song here at Red Branch We swapped up the lyrics to “You Better Work Branch” (our HR Lady appreciates it.. just kidding we don’t have one of those). This song definitely gets the team ready to run at full steam, which you HAVE to at HR Tech!

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore

What is going to hold you back from having a successful conference? Nothing!

Survivor – Destiny’s Child

#HRTechConf survivors from years past know this is the anthem for all of us!

Stronger – Kanye West

Work it harder, make it better,
do it faster, makes us stronger,
more than ever, hour after,
Our work is never over.

I mean what else would you need to say? Especially if you’re stuck in a booth. Make sure to remember to give those Expo folks some serious love!

500 Mile- The Proclaimers

We’ve mentioned this right? You WILL walk 500 miles. Might as well have the music for it…


Eye of The Tiger – Survivor

What are you going to have to fight through to get back on track? Too many Vodka Sodas with 3 Limes? Not enough sleep? Some KILLER shoes or the long walk to Mandalay Bay? Start blaring this jam through your earbuds and power through!

TikTok- Ke$ha

Make sure everyone knows that the “party don’t stop til I walk in….” with this party anthem! (If you’re Maren you can follow it up with Dancing Queen but it’s been awhile since she saw 17…)




We Are The Champions – Queen

After the day is over and you feel you have been successful, why not shout “We Are The Champions”? You’re heading to HR Tech to win business, kill it with learning objectives or just get a bunch of free swag in Vegas…either way, we believe in you and you’re gonna be a champion!