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#RedBranchWeekly: Quick Reads for Boosting Engagement at Your Workplace

By Jenny Crumrine: 

Engagement this and engagement that. There’s a lot of buzz around employee engagement. It seems like we can’t stop talking about how to increase it at our workplaces. Given that 87% of worldwide employees aren’t engaged at work, we probably should be talking about it.

With those odds, you’re probably looking to increase engagement at your workplace. You’re not alone. Organization leaders of all sizes, across all industries, are in the same boat. Well, look no further, Red Branch partners Caliper, Clear Company and Whil have all the pro tips you need to get those employees engaged at work.

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Caliper: How to Improve Onboarding and Increase Loyalty

Research shows an employee’s most productive time in a new job is within their first six months of employment. However, many companies overlook this “honeymoon” time and get lax with their onboarding processes which in turn creates less engaged and loyal employees.  Onboarding can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. But have no fear! The pros at Caliper have the tips you need to capitalize on your new hires’ first six months of employment and create loyal, engaged employees.

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ClearCompany: Employee Development is the New Company Asset – Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in it

Woman learning about Recruiting Automation

Are you actively investing in your employees’ professional and personal development? If you’re not, you should be. Employee development is no longer just a perk for big flashy companies. Organizations of all sizes are seeing the overwhelming benefits of investing in their employees’ development. Employee development is changing the way we nurture current and potential talent. Discover three reasons why investing a little time and money into the right employee development resources is well worth it.

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Whil: 5 Tips to Help Employees Reduce Stress at Work and Build Resilience

Are your employees stressed? Workplace stress is responsible for up to $190 billion dollars in annual U.S. healthcare costs (cringe), but it’s costly in more ways than one. Stress also causes decreased productivity, low engagement and turnover. So basically it’s the worst. Whil has five practical tips to help your employees reduce stress and build resilience at work. Implement these tips ASAP and see a difference in engagement and productivity in your organization.

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