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RBM News: Vitru Appoints Red Branch Media’s Maren Hogan to Board of Directors

Editor’s Note: From time to time, we have a little good news we like to share for ourselves! I am thrilled to be announcing my board seat for a product I believe in and use actively in Red Branch Media. I look forward to announcing other board members in the coming months so watch this space!


Red Branch Media’s CEO, Maren Hogan, has been appointed to the helm of a newly-created board of advisors for Vitru, a company that measures personality and work values in an effort to improve both management, recruiting technology and alignment.


(Omaha, NE) November 4, 2015 — Vitru, a company that measures personality and work values in an effort to improve both management, recruiting technology and alignment, has recently started a board of directors, with Red Branch Media CEO Maren Hogan at the helm. Hogan, the company’s longtime de facto CMO, will begin selecting board appointments in Q1 of 2016.


“We’re thrilled to have Maren on the team in a very tangible way,” said CEO Ryan Mead. “She’s shepherded us through some very important decisions that shaped the product as it stands today. Her appointment has everything to do with where we see Vitru going in the future.”


Vitru’s premise is similar to other work values or strength assessments providers, identifying where people are best used within a corporate structure, with the added benefit of showing where there are differences between coworkers. The Vitru platform accomplishes this by plotting each person on a scale and showing the order of both personality (based on Big5 Technology) and work values (15 total) in descending order.


“I knew I wanted to be involved more deeply with Vitru when I saw the technology. We are big on culture at Red Branch Media and this helps us identify where to place people, how to create smaller teams and we even have our clients take the assessment as part of the onboarding process,” said Maren Hogan. “The entire team at Red Branch is behind the product and true users of the platform.”


Vitru is a freemium model and more focused on management than hiring at the moment, with products like Assess (individual assessment), Compare (your assessment alongside a co-worker), and Relate (which allows managers to compare two teammates to see their values) already gaining traction in the financial, manufacturing and franchise verticals.


“With Maren helping to steer the ship from a strategic marketing and partnership alliance perspective, we’re going to start picking up more Vitru devotees in other markets, particularly as the Assess and Compare products are both free,” said Mead, who built the product after realizing the recruitment world and management functions both suffered from a lack of work values insight.


About Vitru: Vitru is a Midwestern company taking a bold new approach to matching businesses with job seekers. Vitru believes everyone wants to love where they work, and are dedicated to helping them get there. The web-based SaaS uses complex but painless assessments and a matching algorithm to bring psychometrics to every workplace. Learn more at govitru.com