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#RBMValues: Music That’s Fit for Grit

By Kyle Christensen:

At Red Branch Media, we live by a set of values. They’re the air we breathe and the pride we carry. We also want to share these values with the world, and show you how you can live these values with us. This article marks the first of our new Spotify playlist series, #RBMValues.

Each month we’ll explain one of our values, how we live it, how you can live it, and you’ll receive a custom-tailored playlist that exemplifies that value. Read about our first value, Grit, and get your playlist here! Don’t have Spotify? Listen to the playlist at the end of this article!

The #branchers at @RedBranch work hard because they were brought up that way. Join the pursuit of the #RBMValue of #Grit, here and get a free @Spotify #playlist that exemplifies this very value! Share on X

What is Grit?

Red Branch Media defines Grit as, “Midwestern values. Midwestern work ethic. We work hard because we were brought up that way.”

We pride ourselves being from the Midwest. We are strong in will-power, determination, quality, and passion. When we bring those values into our work, it gives us grit. It’s a force to be reckoned with and it makes us a step above the rest. We won’t stop until it’s done right.

How We Apply Grit

For me, grit is forged by the will to persevere and complete all of my tasks. It’s the passion I have for being a designer that allows me to produce work that pushes boundaries and exceeds client expectations. I feel that having grit separates the “career-driven” from the monotonous “9-to-5” crowd. Basically, you have to have the heart and drive for what you do.

“Grit is contagious. We model grit through our passion, determination, and work ethic. When we tackle a difficult question, problem, or client we NEVER give up AND we come at the problem with multiple solutions.”

Kristine Osbourne, Senior Designer & Video Lead at Red Branch Media

How You Can Have Grit, Like Us

Let’s channel your inner Midwestern work ethic and focus your energy on how you can apply Grit to your life.

Here are 3 habits you can adopt to build grit:

  • Don’t stop working until your work is the best it can be, then take it one step further
  • Develop more than one solution to a problem
  • No matter how many times you might get knocked down, keep getting up, try again, and with a smile and positive attitude

While Grit is an amazing value, it’s not the only value you should consider adopting. At Red Branch Media, we have 11 you should consider. Check back each month, as we’ll release another value you’ll want to live by and a playlist that’s bound to make you hit that “repeat all” button. Listen to the Grit playlist on Spotify, or below!

The team at @RedBranch does #CompanyValues a little differently. Learn about their value #Grit, how you can apply it to your life, and you’ll get a free @Spotify #playlist custom-built for this value! Share on X gritty music red branch branded image

How to Find Us on Spotify

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We’ll be creating fresh lists for you each month, so you can listen to them as soon as we publish them! Now, go download the desktop application for your computer, the app for your phone, or stream music online by taking a listen to our playlist here.