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At Last, Our Secret to Grit Is Revealed

By Mackenzie Anderson:

We are all familiar with company values. You get on an organization’s website and you expect to see them listed. Our website lists one of our 12 values as grit or “Midwestern values. Midwestern work ethic. We work hard because we were brought up that way.” But truly, what does the word grit mean to all of Red Branch?

Does anyone ever look into how these company values define each employees experience in their position? Working for a marketing firm means numerous roles and responsibilities, so how does one word transform meaning for multiple positions? Discover each of our individual secrets to how grit has helped us succeed at RBM.

“For me, grit means getting back up when you’re knocked down, pushing through difficult times and applying what you know to something you’ve never done before. It’s a rare combination of hard work, tenacity and sticktoitiveness that not everyone has.”

– Maren


“For me, grit means the will to move forward in spite of the circumstances or potential outcomes. Did your project get scrapped? You still need to give 100% on the next one. Is the new project bigger than anything you’ve taken on before? You take it piece-by-piece and move forward and learn along the way.”

– Jeremy

Midwestern values. Midwestern work ethic. They work hard because they were brought up that way. Discover how @RedBranch employees define their company value: #grit: Share on X

“Grit is the ability to persist in something you feel passionate about and the ability to effectively push through obstacles when faced with them. It’s also understanding how individual efforts and contributions help push RBM to hit long-term goals, either for our clients or ourselves.”

– Eric


“Grit means getting my projects to the finish line no matter what has happened along the way.”

– Kerry


“Grit is pushing through, step-by-step, to get to your end goal and recognizing the obstacles you’ve overcome along the way only help make you that much better in the end.”

– Shalaina


“Grit is contagious. We model grit through our passion, determination and work ethic. When we tackle a difficult question, problem or client we NEVER give up AND we come at the problem with multiple solutions.”

– Kristine


“Grit is waking up in the morning and proving to the world that I, not only survived another day but accomplished the goals I set out to do. Grits are a strong complement to shrimp and should be cheesy af.”

– Bach


“I see grit as a combination of passion and perseverance, the idea that any obstacle can be overcome if you put in the work and believe in the end result. Failure and growth are synonymous when the value of grit is understood and applied.”

– Kaleb


“Grit is taking your learning and skills to the next level. Understanding that setbacks don’t knock you down but set you up for an even bigger comeback. Some days aren’t easy but pushing yourself to take that extra step to get you closer to that milestone is what we are all about.”

– Molly


“Grit is showbusiness, darling. I.e. it’s the business of showing the world your final form. It’s your show-stopping wig reveal that snatches the competition and keeps the audience gagged. It’s walking into that Red Branch job interview with a meek, fresh-out-of-college resume with the strength of will, drive and passion to grow, develop and succeed.”

– Jimmy


“To me, grit is the perseverance despite obstacles – whatever they may be. Rather than the hand of talent and intelligence you were dealt, grit is the sustained effort you put in that drives success. Without grit, talent sits stagnant. At Red Branch, I’ve found that I can try something completely new and with grit, I can push through and be proud of anything I create.”

– Alison


“Grit is indomitable spirit driven by a passion for improvement. That means moving beyond stress and frustration to tackle the tasks that need to get done, to see setbacks and failure as a necessary step to go beyond the status quo.”

– Maggie


“Grit is putting the pedal to the metal, overcoming unknowns and, ultimately, getting sh!t done. It’s moving forward with all you can, even when the circumstances seem to be against you.”

– Anna


“Grit is putting your nose to the grindstone and surging forward through whatever task is thrown your way. It is a combination of ambition, determination and toughness that we preach here at Red Branch. Grit embraces failure because, without it, you cannot grow.”

– Nick


“Grit is powering through whatever you’re doing, are going to do or forgot to do to meet your goals. It’s not only doing what you need to do but it’s ensuring your teammates getting through what they need to do so everyone succeeds. One step, one punch, one round at a time.

– Cassie


“For me, grit at Red Branch is enduring the hard times and pushing through combined with the passion we have to meet our long-term goals.”

– Madison

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“Grit at Red Branch means having the courage to be the best you can possibly be. Even if that means learning a skill you have never done, taking on more responsibility or finding a solution before asking for help. We are all about strength of character and pursing on when faced with hard situations… aka grit.”

– Mackenzie


“Put up or shut up. Grit’s getting things done whether you want to do it or not. It means completing the challenge whether you blast it out of the water or make it there crawling. There are days you come in and love your job and there are days where you’re struggling. It’s grit that keeps us going no matter how we’re feeling.”

– Mitchell


“At Red Branch, I’ve learned the grit means having the fortitude to keep going even when things are new, difficult, or seem to be failing. It’s having the resilience to try, fail, step back, reassess, and then try again until you succeed both as an individual and with your team.”

– Andrea


“To me grit is what gets you from point A to point B; it takes motivation and having the willingness to want to succeed to get from where you are to where you want to be. At Red Branch, we focus on not only getting the job done but having the work ethic to keep you enthusiastic every day.”

– Hannah


“Grit is having the passion and perseverance to achieve whatever you are trying to accomplish and stand apart from your peers. I believe grit can take some farther in life than just having the talent or skills needed to get a job done.”

– Jessica


 “Grit is having the passion, resilience, determination and focus that helps me to be optimistic, persevere and achieve any goals that I may have whether those goals may include obstacles that I am unprepared for but still have the confidence and mentality to accomplish them.”

– Tridia


“For me, grit is forged by the will to persevere and complete all of my tasks, paired with the passion I have for being a designer to produce work that pushes boundaries and exceeds client expectations. I feel that having grit separates the “career-driven” from the monotonous “9-to-5” crowd.”

– Kyle

Grit is just one of Red Branch’s core values. Interested in seeing the other core values? Check them out here and, if you have the grit, look at job openings to be a Brancher!