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Red Branch Media’s Best and Worst Interview Stories

Anyone who’s worked enough jobs has their interview horror story. Candidates have ’em, recruiters have ‘em, and we at Red Branch Media have ‘em. Heck, Maren probably has more of them than the rest of us combined. But the rest of us have been around the block when it comes to interviews, so we decided to offer up some of our most embarrassing, funny, and tortuous interview stories. Enjoy!

Noelle Ashley, Content Creator

I had to go to a group interview when I applied for American Eagle in high school. I’m an introvert, and the guy sitting next to me had a booby lady tattooed on his arm. Thank you, try again, Noelle.

Kyle Christensen, Graphic Design Team Lead

A bad interview experience was my first time applying to Target, a few years before I interviewed again but at a different Target. I just remember I was telling them about things I did in my free time or something, but I don’t think the interview went well.

Sarah Duke, Content Creator

I spent over half of the time interviewing for a jewelry place saying how horrible it was working at GNC. Apparently that’s not something you’re supposed to do.

Eric Foutch, Social Media Manager

I once had an interviewer ask me what my favorite TV show was and I said “The Real World” on MTV. Right after I said that, she asked me how I can use things that happen in that show and relate them to me in the workplace… I was like, “can I change mine to Survivor?”

Maren Hogan, The Boss

I am terrible at follow up. I either don’t do it or do it in the most creepy way possible. One time I left a long, rambling message on the CTO’s personal voicemail wherein I REFERENCED THE MOVIE PYSCHO (with sound effects). Another time, I dropped off my complete portfolio (with attached CD-ROM natch) on the VP’s desk. Leave a message if you must, but leave the sound effects out of it.

Marissa Litty, Corporate Communications

I once had an interview at a pretty well-known and nationally recognized organization that I really cared about. Because I was really passionate about the position as well as making a good impression I arrived about 5 or 10 minutes early. I ended up watching The View with the friendly, yet unique receptionist for 15 to 20 minutes waiting for a very late interviewer. She had me laughing so hard that it almost made up for the late interview and never receiving any correspondence afterward. Almost.

Shaley McKeever, Digital Media Coordinator

So the night before my interview at a new sports bar, I was out for drinks with my friend Deven. We were laughing and having a great time and noticed this guy sitting next to us by himself. We started talking to him and found out he was new to town and here for work. He ended up being a major creeper, trying to get us hammered and go to other bars with us, so we ended up being super rude to him. I had an interview the next day, I wasn’t trying to go out all night with some weirdo and get drunk. The next day, I walked into my interview, and guess who the interviewer was? I still got the job though! Then he sexually harassed all the girls so bad he ended up getting fired.

Kristine Osbourne, Graphic Designer

I once had an interviewer ask me about a time I had be a leader and take action. I wasn’t prepared for the question so I made up a story about how I rushed over to one of the places I babysat at, late at night, and said that I watched their kids because their house had burned down… Surprisingly, I got the job after that psycho answer.

Suriel Vazquez, Content Creator

After sending several emails, and calling the law firm I was applying to several times, I decided to be “in the neighborhood” and stop by their office to request an in-person interview. After waiting for about half an hour, I interviewed with their hiring manager, who told me they didn’t have any spots available within the first five minutes of the interview. We then spent the next hour talking in circles about how they would have loved to give me the job but couldn’t, how important it was that bilingual speakers get into transcription, and how I should keep applying to other places. I think at some point she discussed her own career path? It’s all a blur.

Do you any of you have some interview stories of your own? Sound off in the comments!