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#RedBranchWeekly: Fascinating Trends to Help Your Employee Workforce

Summer is in full swing and things are changing. New grads are entering the workforce, meaning new onboarding, new recruitment techniques, and not to mention those pesky mid-year reviews (yeah, we hate ’em too). But, that’s why we’re here to help. It’s important that you know what trends to pay attention to in order to really offer the best for your employee workforce. Check out the following stories from a few of our partners like ClearCompany, Talent Tech Labs, and iRevü!

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employees sitting and talkingPeopleTicker: Every CPO Should Know These 7 Contingent Workforce Trends

There is an ongoing war for talent, and a compelling portion of the workforce is turning to the contingent workforce. Here are the trends to look out for…



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college graduate recruitingTalentTechLabs: The State of College Recruiting & How TA Pros Can Keep Up

CareerBuilder just released a national survey along with Harris Poll indicating that of the 2,380 hiring managers and HR representatives who participated, 74% plan to hire recent college graduates this year. Find out more…


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relaxing in the summeriRevü: Genius Ways to Keep Employees Motivated During the Summer Months

Summer is in full swing, and if you manage a team you know what that means – vacations and mid-year reviews. Keep your team motivated during these trying times…



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generational employeesClearCompany: How to Create a Multi-Generational Onboarding Program

An onboarding program is essential to the success of new hires. It eases the new employee’s into the organization and lays the groundwork for their employment. But, here’s how to do onboarding for multiple generations…


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