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#RedBranchWeekly: Hiring the Best Candidates and Keeping Them Happy

By Kate Bunton:

Here at the Red Branch office, we have this thing we call “Power Hour” — from 3:00-4:00 on Fridays we go heads down, speakers up, and really power through (see??) the last of our work before starting the weekend by gathering together and celebrating our successes. Today, as we prepare for the holiday weekend, Power Hour is more like 8:00-4:00. But don’t worry about us. It’s not all work and no play. Before we leave, we’ll be having a toast! We’re saying goodbye to a few of our Branchers today, and welcoming a whole heap of newbies who have joined us this month (Hi! That’s me!).

We’ve added several new faces to our tree and a few more are moving on to new trees of their own, so this week is the perfect time to talk about hiring. Personally, I think Red Branch is doing a really stand out, phenomenal job choosing their new hires, and I mention that for no real reason at all, why do you ask? But it got me thinking, what makes a great candidate, and how do you find them? And once you have me them, how do you keep me them happy?

Our partners at IQTalent and Good&Co have some helpful hints for finding the right person for the job, and the Hyphen team has a great quiz to determine how well you engage the ones already on the team. So let’s round up all the new hires and get into this #RedBranchWeekly:

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IQTalent Partners: I’m a Better Recruiter Because of These 4 Habits

Interview at a desk

The HR landscape has seen some dramatic changes over the years, and IQTalent Partners have been around for all of them. In their experience, you should be ignoring those elusive purple squirrels and focusing instead on candidates who are interviewing for the right reasons and are actively interested in the role.

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Good & Co.: How to Make Sure You Don’t Overlook Great Candidates

woman working at table

You might think that a great candidate is going to jump off the page and you’ll be able to spot them instantly. But that isn’t necessarily the case. A lot of qualified applicants will slip through the cracks. Not only are up to 50% of your applicants going to be introverted, but you might also be looking in all the wrong places.

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Hyphen: How Engaged are Your Employees?

employees working together

You put in the work, and you’ve selected the best candidates for the right roles. But it doesn’t stop there. Employees need to be nurtured and developed in order to stay engaged and motivated. What are you doing for your teams and how well are you engaging your employees? Take a quiz to you know if you’re on the right track.

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