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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Score A Super Bowl Win for Your Business

Everyone wants to be a part of that Super Bowl worthy team, and we have some tips to get you there. In this edition of #RedBranchWeekly we give you the insights you need to take your business right into the end zone. First, Beyond provides a resource that will make your mobile recruiting strategy the MVP. Then, ClearCompany gives some advice on creating job descriptions that will be sure to score you some points for your company culture. Get the latest from Red Branch by signing up for our newsletter and you’ll never miss an update from your favorite team (us).

Super BowlBeyond: The Ultimate Mobile Recruiting Resource Pack

Reaching candidates on mobile isn’t easy, but it can be. Download our editable resource pack to get step-by-step instructions and templates to grab mobile job seekers’ attention, create a better candidate experience and measure mobile success! Check out what The Mobile Recruiting Resource Pack helps you create:


Super BowlClearCompany: How to Create Winning Job Descriptions For Your Company Culture

When used properly and written effectively, job descriptions set transparent expectations for candidates and current employees, creating value for the company and your workforce from the first day on the job to the last. Use this checklist to craft better job descriptions to attract the top talent you are searching for! Check out this checklist:


Super BowliRevü: 3-Step Process for Aligning Company Values with Employee Feedback to Increase Performance

Download this complimentary, printable worksheet to define company values, align them with employee feedback and make ongoing changes to improve performance in the long run. Download now:


Super BowlPeopleTicker: Super Bowl LI: What is Lady Gaga Paid to Headline the Halftime Show? 

Just like her predecessors, Lady Gaga has spent months preparing for her 13-minute appearance during the Super Bowl halftime show, where music is only part of the spectacle. Outrageous set designs, designer costumes and hi-tech animation have become the norm during the spectacular production. But how much will she be paid? Take a look:


Super BowlTalent Tech Labs: Talent Tech Labs Welcomes Automated Recruitment Phone Screening Startup, Jabatalks, to Incubator Program

Talent Tech Labs, incubator and accelerator focused on promoting technological developments in Talent Acquisition, announced today their acceptance of JabaTalks into a six-month program in their incubator. The incubation program provides JabaTalks with full access to TTL’s network, mentors, beta testers, and additional services. Read more…