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#RedBranchWeekly Recruit Like a Marketer, Getting Candidate Feedback, & Bad Hiring Decisions

Red Branch Media has had a very exciting week! Check out some of our client wins and new developments from the past week.

This week in The #RedBranchWeekly:

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Recruit Like a Marketer: 5 #MarketingHacks to Try (@recruiterbox)

Traditional job postings aren’t enough anymore. We have all read the articles that talk about how Recruiters need to be more like Marketers and vice versa and they are all correct. Once both join forces they will create an employer brand that attracts lots of candidates and also retains the employees you already have.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! –Candidate Feedback (@vissoft)

At first glance you are almost taken back by the title, but who is really getting feedback from a candidate? No one likes to hear how their processes could be better! “It is obvious that candidate feedback isn’t a priority among most recruiters, but it is also obvious that it should be.”

10 Important Statistics on Bad Hiring Decisions (@grjobinterview)

Do you know how much it costs your company every time you bring on a bad hire? They cost a lot of money! This article has lots of great statistics. It’s quick and easy to tweet, post, and grab the information. Check it out.

5 Workplace Communication Tips (@HerdWisdom)

Most of the time people find that it is pretty easy to communicate in social situations. But, communication in the workplace is not always easy. Take a look at the tips that they give you in this article to help you communicate at work better.

7 Career Site Usage Trends Every Recruiter Should Know (@peoplefluent)

Peoplefluent recently conducted a study on how candidates search for jobs on career sites. They used google analytics to determine all of this information. A lot of their findings are very interesting and helpful. Check it out to improve your job postings.

Going Global in Your Hiring Process (@grjobinterview)

“The international background screening process results in an overwhelming amount of work and responsibility for HR managers. In response, companies of all sizes are recognizing the need for automated solutions to efficiently aid in the screening process.”

What Does the Legalization of Marijuana Mean in HR? (@VisSoft)

Colorado legalized the use of marijuana this year, but what does that mean to employees? In this article Visibility Software talks about employees fears stating that some are nervous to smoke because it wasn’t legal before. Since marijuana is still illegal federally that means that employers can still drug test their employees and Colorado supports that.