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SEO Quick Tips Tuesday

Howdy, fellow SEOers,


This week in Red Branch’s SEO Quick Tips, I’m covering: video, web dev, content, digital media, basically everyone. I’ve also included some of Google’s top suggested SEO assistant tools for developers and digital media users. SEO is relevant to all corners of business, so if you haven’t optimized yourself, now is the time to check-in. Google updates their algorithm roughly every two years, so staying abreast to what’s hot is absolutely vital to your space. Whether you’re an at-home blogger trying to break through the blogosphere or an CEO in some top biz, paying attention to SEO can make or break your web presence. So put on ya reading glasses, we’re about to get educated.


  • Tracking organic traffic search is very important. If you’re already doing this, congratulations, you’re on your way to being a top dog SEO-er. But, Google isn’t perfect and sometimes the code in Google Analytics has errors and hiccups. To track this, use Google Tag Assistant plug-in. This checks Google Analytics tags as well as AdWords conversion tags for errors. If your Analytic code is broken, it can skew results of who comes and goes, how they’re getting there and how they’re interacting.
  • The way we upload videos can change traffic on sites (for the better!) Let me explain. Uploading a video “popover” style looks neat, but this is a lost chance to attract traffic to webpages. Embed videos on webpages to encourage viewers to dabble in other content we’ve created.
  • Pitch and purge unnecessary codes. PageSpeed Insights for Developers is a tool by Google which can help identify areas of improvement. Sweeping away old codes which are no longer necessary can increase page speed; which raises page rank.  
  • Titles of articles should be used like a second chance at a meta description. While keywords are useful in the title, be sure it’s conveying the message you want to get across or even answering a question. These are places we need to be crazy 100% clear and concise as it can make or break our click rates.
  • Sitelinks. Google generates them. We can fix them. Sitelinks appear under the title of the article/page name on Google. The Google Search Console allows us to monitor site link errors or update them to make sure they are as accurate as possible. The more straightforward we can be about our content, the better.

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Haaaaave a great week!