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#RedBranchWeekly: Surefire Skills Gap Solutions

By Marissa Litty:

HR leaders are searching for skills gap solutions as furiously as we Midwesterners are searching for the real spring. Maybe even harder, which is saying a lot since there’s serious speculation it’s about the 8th week of January here in Omaha. Will the real 2018 spring please stand up? Anyway, for longer than we’ve chased warmer weather (and it’s been awhile), talent acquisition and management teams alike have been struggling to find talent to fill gaping holes in their workforce.

This week, our partners at ClearCompany, WCN and Inspire Software provided insight on the challenge and a few management tactics that have been proven to work. Phew. Now I’d like to know who to talk to about this blustery “spring” weather.

Are you feeling the effects of the skills gap? Read on.

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ClearCompany: Skills Gap-How It Impacts Your Team & How to Solve for It

This is the perfect place to start your journey in understanding and overcoming. It’s a quick read, but this article gives an in-depth look into the skills gap as it stands now, how leaders expect it to change (not disappear, unfortunately) and what steps to take in solving it in your own organization. Bonus? The research lets employers off the hook a little and discusses retention and other preventative tactics.

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happy employees on computerWCN: How Internships Make Great Sourcing Opportunities

So here’s the beginning of the end. Well, maybe not the end, but definitely a solid solution to fixing the gaps your organization might be struggling to fill. Internships are a wonderful tool for training new talent and can be an even better way to source potential candidates. If your organization is considering the creation of an internship program, this is just the information and advice you need to get it done.

In this #RedBranchWeekly, @WCN_eRec explains how #internships can be great sourcing tools: Click To Tweet

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Inspire Software: Unmistakable Traits From the Best Employee Training Programs

Training is the traditional skills gap solution, and we don’t anticipate it ending. In fact, we know it won’t end. Instead, as it does, technology will change how managers and leaders approach it. In this article, Inspire Software touches on the elements are necessary in successful training, especially if you’re hoping to develop leaders.

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