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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Tips You Need to Set Achievable and Ambitious Goals in the Workplace

By Tridia Tshimanga:

When it comes to being a successful business, all companies share a primary goal: setting, tracking, and aligning goals for the greater success of the organization. Matter of the fact is, goal setting doesn’t only have to stem from your personal life but throughout your career and workplace as well. For any employee, setting measurable and attainable goals, not only guides you to further improvement in performance, engagement, and productivity, but can also help strengthen the success of your organization in the long run.

When done properly, setting goals will not only help employees stay on track but allow them to actually want to step beyond their former performance to excel within their role. In this week’s RBM weekly, discover how our clients from ClearCompany, Good&Co, and Inspire are moving beyond the normal means to ensure that employees have the right goals set to exceed in the workplace.

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ClearCompany: How to Keep Your Employees’ Goals High Yet Attainable

For many leaders, you want to guarantee that your employees have the right goals set in stone to ensure that they are empowered in the workplace. But sometimes when goals are set, managers struggle to find a balance of setting goals that are high, yet attainable for their employees. But, don’t fear. In ClearCompany’s latest article, discover how managers can set SMART goals for their teams and employees to help them transcend beyond their performance, productivity, and engagement throughout their role.

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Good&Co: 4 Simple Strategies You Need to Make Office Teamwork a Dream 

Everyone has their own experience when it comes to working in teams. For instance, some teams know how to work and communicate together while others simply just don’t get along. Not only does the lack of cohesiveness cause major frustration for others, but it dispositions teams from achieving their goals from the gecko. Well, not anymore. In Good&Co’s latest article, they provide four simple strategies that can help improve communication and collaboration among teams in order to help them achieve their goals. About 69% of high-performing companies surveyed rated companywide communication of business goals as their leading tool for stacking a team of top performers.

With the right tools in place, you’ll be able to build high-performing teams and build better team dynamics.

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Inspire: The Expert Goal Setting Strategy Your Company Needs 

Setting and achieving goals can be difficult for anyone, even when it comes to the most successful leaders. Why you may ask? When you don’t set measurable attributes to your goals, it can hinder your process to stay on track. By applying Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) you can achieve any goal to help get to where you need to be. When goals are focused around organizational goals, OKRs help individuals work towards what’s most important. Whether big or small, any goal can motivate employees to improve their performance and better align their organization.

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