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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Tips for Better Workplace Efficiency

By Marissa Litty:

Productivity and efficiency are two values that just about every leader in every department of any business holds dear. And for obvious reasons. Of course, that means all those managers and executives are continuously looking for ways to build better workforce efficiency, whether it’s through new processes, programs, technology or tools. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re looking for a more effective workforce management strategy, read on! Our partners at Inspire Software, ClearCompany and Oleeo have some great insight into future trends and current successes in management.

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Inspire Software: The Future of Leadership Development

Any good strategy starts with research and, as a leader, it’s important to study and understand future workforce trends. Especially when the current process is a little… well, broken. Dive into how current leadership development approaches just aren’t cutting it for employees. Then learn some of leadership development’s history to see how far programs have come. And you even get a few actionable tips for your own organization.

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ClearCompany: Why the Agile Approach is Emerging Victorious

crowd conference talent successAgile is a project management tactic that has been used by technical departments for a while. Agile management styles pivot faster and reassess often which are two traits many performance management programs also need. This quick read explains how leaders can adapt elements of the agile project management style into their performance management strategy.

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Oleeo: Fast and Effective Ideas to Hire Top Talent in 2018

leader meeting employees mugs table officeSometimes, the real problem with workplace efficiency stems from the talent you are (or aren’t) hiring. In this post, Oleeo’s Jeanette Maister discusses successful recruiting practices while explaining how to start a few of your own. And, the best part is that everything she mentions can be implemented quickly and, well, efficiently.

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