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Top 10 #CompanyCulture Tweets from Last Week

At Red Branch Media, we pride ourselves on how excellent our #CompanyCulture is! But we aren’t the only business excelling in this department. Here are 10 company culture tweets that caught our attention and give some great insight. Check them out below and be sure to give these culture warriors some love:

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Sharing is caring when you’re building culture amirite?

We like this tweet because it describes how we are at Red Branch Media, and the gif is pretty fitting. We share our winnings every Friday at 4 p.m. during our #EatinMeetin where we discuss why we are proud of ourselves and our coworkers. This allows us to showcase ourselves, our team and boost company morale. And maybe hug…

Find out how to mix up the perfect batch of company culture.

If you’re wondering how to mix up the perfect batch of #CompanyCulture for your workplace, this tweet from @ProSkyers will lead you to the key ingredients. Company culture can be the single largest competitive advantage that will drive success. This tweet describes the key variables in creating a culture of excellence to enhance your business.

Company Culture is more than just what, when and how you celebrate!

We like that this tweet makes it clear that #CompanyCulture is more than just the behavior of how humans within an organization act. Employees are not just looking for money, instead, they look for companies that entice them through their work environment.

How can you spread the good word if you don’t know the mission??

A company’s core values directly affect company culture. Did you know 61% of employees don’t even know what their company’s mission statement is? This is where company culture comes to the rescue. Apart from sending out your mission statement in a memo, ClearCompany does a great job of expressing work culture is a great way to communicate purpose to employees.

Got a terrible culture? Then you won’t have any great hires.

The best candidates care about company culture. OpTech knows how important it is for potential candidates to fit in with business work culture before they are hired. When potential employees walk in the office, they should realize that this particular workplace is unique and has a culture that fits their lifestyle.

Who doesn’t love receiving an award?

The Lotus Awards honors companies that foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. We like this tweet because we think giving an award for having awesome #CompanyCulture to businesses striving to improve Employee Engagement is really cool.

Watch what we do…not just what we say.

Company culture and employee retention go hand-in-hand. Hiring based on shared values and cultural belief leads to winning results. Employee retention starts with being able to clearly articulate what the organization’s culture is. Company culture is one of the many reasons why Red Branch Media’s employee retention rate is high.   

A creative workspace is a productive workspace.


A creative office space can promote company culture and create more productive workers. A productive workspace gives employees the energy to come up with awesome ideas. Changing the layout of our office to spice it up is just one of the things we do at Red Branch. Check out other inexpensive ways to boost a creative workspace in this article from @jobhopuk.

Measure twice, cut once….wait

Did you know that 82% of companies say they think measuring cultural fit is important? Before hiring someone new, make sure they fit with your company culture. Here at Red Branch we introduce potential hires to our entire team. This helps us decided if a potential hire fits in with our culture.

You don’t create company culture, your people do!

Whether you manage your corporate culture or not, your company is going to have one. With 70% of employees reporting not feeling engaged at work, a purposeful company culture can go a long way toward motivating a workforce. While there’s no one “correct” culture, every company has to decide what is right for them. This tweet showcases four principles companies with strong cultures follow.

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