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Top 10 #HRTech Tweets From Last Week

We hand-picked some of our favorite #HRTech tweets in the Twittersphere last week! We chose these tweets because they provided some great information and caught our attention. So go ahead and check them out, and make sure to give the Tweeter a follow!

Check out these 10 awesome #HRTech tweets from last week: Click To Tweet


We like this tweet because this @RecruitingBlogs post mentioned our CEO, @marenhogan!


This tweet is awesome and includes a cool visual representation of the acquisitions in the #HRTech space!


If you can’t tell, we LOVE visuals. That’s also why we picked this tweet.


We love this tweet because the article is great! It’s full of information and gives awesome insight into people analytics.


This article is a worthwhile read, with AI being a growing topic in the HR space.


Look who it is… our boss again! This tweet rocks not only because our boss is in it, but because it’s awesome seeing influencers in the world of HR tech together.


Check out this tweet to learn more about data-driven HR and how it’ll affect the future.


Recruitment technology has been a growing force in the HR space, read this for some great insight on it!


‘Bad hires’ are costing companies a lot of money, and this tweet provides an article that can help with the problem!


Another AI tweet… because why not?

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